MBA in Sport and Entertainment Business

Our MBA in Sport and Entertainment Business will prepare you for a career in the athletic and entertainment industry.


Department of Sport and Hospitality Business

Sports aren't only for athletes

The industry of sport and entertainment business is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the industry globally produces $1.3 trillion per year. And the layers of the industry are vast - just think about all the people who work together to make events, iconic teams or well-known brands a reality. Our MBA in Sport and Entertainment Business is designed to prepare you to be one of those people - with all the knowledge and experience you need to plug into the growing industry.

Credits 39
Cost Per Credit $740
  • Artist Manager
  • Entertainment Attendant
  • Business Manager
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Program Overview

Housed within the Batterman School of Business, our MBA in Sport and Entertainment Business allows you to further enhance a career in athletic and entertainment management at or near the executive level. You’ll receive innovative instruction through a curriculum that is current, engaging and challenging. To make sure you get the best education you can, our courses and experiential learning opportunities are designed through the guidance of a professional advisory board made up of seasoned industry practitioners. That means that you’ll be learning the most current information from professors who know what they’re talking about. Alongside a diverse student body, you’ll learn about topics like public relations and social media strategies, sponsorship and sales strategy, brand activation, and event management.

In addition to your classes, you’ll have the opportunity to network with experts in professional and amateur sports. You’ll eve gain hands-on training by working with the program’s industry partners and participating in intensive field experiences at major events. Some students have attended events like the Rose Bowl, the Final Four, the College World Series and the Super Bowl. And we want to make all of this available to you, wherever you are. Our courses are offered at our main campus, our off-site locations and online.

What to Expect

This program will allow you to pursue your goals as a sport or entertainment business executive so you can do what you love. You’ll take courses that focus on critical analysis, solution development, innovation, analytics, finance, and teamwork development. As a student, you’ll have access to academic service learning, field experience, new technologies, as well as online and social media resources - all so that you can enter the field a step ahead. Not only will you come out of the program with expertise in the industry, you’ll also graduate with increased financial competence, leadership growth, and stronger communications skills. You’ll even have a portfolio of your work that you can show to potential employers. Ultimately, you can expect to leave the program ready to do big work in the industry.

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