CONNECT provides an opportunity for CUW students to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of our Alumni in the form of a mentoring relationship. If you are undecided or unsure of your major or career path you can be matched with a mentor in your field of interest.

Click HERE for a CONNECT application!

Opportunities with CONNECT:

  • Network with professionals in the field
  • Gain industry-specific knowledge
  • Discover potential career paths
  • Explore different occupations
  • Learn about actions you can take as a student that will set you up for professional success

Do you have a major and a career path in mind? Are you nervous about getting out into the world and finding a job? The Alumni are here to help! They have been where you are and can provide valuable insight as you begin your career path.

Still deciding on a major? We also have mentors in our EXPLORE program! With CONNECT you will be able to talk to various mentors about their career and make an informed decision about your major and career path.


  • Are happy to share their knowledge of programs and careers that interest you
  • Provide a unique viewpoint for students as they have already been there
  • Can help answer questions based on your interest in the classroom and in the field
  • May be willing to provide job shadowing

How do I request a mentor? You must fill out a short application and "profile". Upon receiving this information, you will be matched with an alum based on profile and interest. ou are encouraged to make first contact. Upon meeting either virtually or in person, you and your mentor will set a plan for the relationship. This relationship is based on both schedules and frequency of discussion is based on need and preference. Please contact Ben Rohde at 262-243-4491 if you have any questions or concerns!