Exercise Physiology

Understanding how the body responds and adapts to exercise is vital to helping people achieve peak fitness, lose weight, prevent disease, and maintain or recover physical wellness. CUW’s Exercise Physiology program gives you the skills you’ll need for a career in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Why Study Exercise Physiology at CUW?

A CUW bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology builds your skills through:

  • hands-on lab work assessing the body’s response to physical activity
  • research projects conducted in our exercise physiology laboratory
  • internship opportunities that offer you practical experience
  • participation in local chapters of professional organizations
  • preparation for certification exams offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Our Exercise Physiology program will prepare you to:

  • educate others about wellness and lifestyle changes
  • provide exercise recommendations for weight loss
  • develop performance training plans
  • design exercise programs for people with chronic disease
  • lead exercise classes
  • enter post-graduate study

Career Choices in Exercise Physiology

An Exercise Physiology degree prepares you to work in:

  • health and fitness facilities
  • corporate and hospital-based wellness programs
  • strength and conditioning programs
  • sport and athletic programs
  • academic and private sector research

Areas of Emphasis:

Our program addresses both clinical exercise physiology and strength and conditioning.

You’ll build a solid science foundation by studying:

  • anatomy & physiology
  • pathophysiology
  • chemistry
  • physics

You’ll learn about human performance by studying:

  • resistance training/muscle physiology
  • exercise and chronic disease
  • stress testing and ECG interpretation


Our comprehensive exercise physiology curriculum includes course requirements in anatomy and physiology, exercise science, CPR and nutrition. See our course catalog for details.

Complementary Majors/Minors

  • Physical therapy
  • Exercise sciences

Graduate Degree Options

An undergraduate degree in exercise physiology can lay the groundwork for entry into graduate studies in:

  • Concordia's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program
  • Master’s/doctoral work in the exercise sciences.