Learning outcome assessment reports

Concordia’s assessment activities include a full range of projects that gauge both student learning and the overall student experience. Nationally normed surveys are administered to students on a regular basis in order to highlight areas of strength and make improvements in areas of weakness. These assessment activities also allow us the opportunity to evaluate the prevalence of the CUW mission in the student experience. 

Facets of institutional assessment

Summary of Student Learning Assessment Practices 

Who Takes It
Developed Internally (I) or Externally (E)
Indirect (I) or Direct(D) Outcomes Measure
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Sample of Freshmen and Seniors both Non Traditional and Traditional E Survey I
Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Sample of  Traditional Undergraduates E Survey I
Adult Learner Inventory (ALI) Sample of Non Traditional Undergraduates E Survey I
Adult Student Priority Survey (ASPS) Sample of Non Traditional Undergraduates and Graduate E Survey I
E Learning Satisfaction Survey E Learning Students I Survey I
MAPP -Measure of Academic Progress and Proficiency (ETS) Sample of Freshmen and Seniors E Nationally Normed Exam D
Major Field Exams Seniors E Nationally Normed Exam D
Capstone Courses Seniors I Performance Assessment D
Alumni Questionnaire Alumni I Survey I
Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) Traditional UndergraduateFaculty E Survey I
HERI Faculty Survey All Faculty E Survey I
Faculty Eval and Promotion System Faculty I Artifacts of teaching, service, scholarship I
FacultyCourse Student Rating Form Students I Survey I
Comprehensive Exam/Major Field Exams Masters/Doctoral Students I, E Local Exam/Nationally Normed Exam D
Dissertation/ThesisOr Final Project Masters/Doctoral Students I Local Performance Assessment D

We are receptive to feedback on the quality and utility of the information provided.

Please contact:
Tamara R. Ferry, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research
(262) 243-4207