Confidential individuals

Students, faculty, and staff may wish to seek confidential assistance in dealing with sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.  The University has identified the following employees who will maintain confidentiality under the professional license or professional ethics necessary for performing their employed role at the University and are not compelled to report discussions with a victim of the University Sexual Misconduct policy to Title IX Staff.

Campus confidential resources

Office Phone
Counseling Staff
Dave Enters AL 11A  262-243-4200 
Dr. Anne Spahr AL 11B 262-243-4456
Christine Jenkins AL 111 262-243-2071
Health Services 

Renee Gosselin
AL 113 262-243-4574
Campus Ministry
Rev. Steve Smith LU 114B 262-243-4889
Rev. Dr. Randall Ferguson AL 115 262-243-4273
Darcy Paape AL 108C 262-243-2300
Dr. Jim Juergensen AL 108A 262-243-4518
Nichole Haas AL 108B 262-243-4513
Ordained Clergy
Rev. Thomas Feiertag LU 114O 262-243-4383
Rev. Brian German LU 114 262-243-4236
Rev. Nathan Jastram LU 129A 262-243-2059
Rev. Jason Lane LU 129D 262-243-4252
Rev. Timothy Maschke LU 114C 262-243-4260
Rev. Brian Mosemann LU 129C 262-243-4301
Rev. Ronald Mudge LU 114M 262-243-4348
Rev. Jonathan Mumme LU 129B 262-243-4458
Rev. John Oberdeck LU 114P 262-243-4446
Rev. Daniel Paavola LU 114D 262-243-4446
Rev. Jason Soenksen LU 114N 262-243-4412
Rev. Harald Tomesch CO 100A 262-243-2711