Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Completion

Develop a deep understanding of how children learn and grow in mind, body, and spirit through our bachelor’s degree in early childhood education program.


Department of Early Childhood Education

Make a difference, from the start

Early childhood is a critical age. It’s a time when children are so full of wonder, and it’s the time to lay the groundwork for their entire educational experience. This academic program will prepare you to be an early childhood educator, and get you ready to work with children from birth through grade three.

Quick Facts

Credits 120
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Childcare Worker
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Program Overview

The Early Childhood Bachelors completion program was developed specifically with the Wisconsin Technical College EC Associate degree program in mind. The courses in the completion program were designed to build upon the skills, knowledge and experiences acquired in the EC associate’s degree program. The courses meet 1 evening each week with student teaching placements occurring in the final semester. Courses cover the following topics: literacy, STEM, assessment and classroom management in addition to liberal arts courses which fulfill the core curriculum requirements for a bachelor’s degree and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirements for core content knowledge.

What to Expect

Programmatic focus areas include whole child development, creative and integrated play-based learning, and developmentally appropriate practice. The instructors will help you master content knowledge as well as a wide range of instructional strategies you will utilize in your classroom as an early childhood educator - from managing your classroom and designing curricula to engaging with families and communities.

Program Goals

  • Increase knowledge and ability to assess children's growth and developmental skills in early childhood
  • Analyze various teaching methodologies for effectiveness with a variety of developmental levels
  • Design curriculum that supports the diverse needs of young children and their families
  • Apply language development and early literacy theory in the classroom
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of schools and educators from a Christian perspective

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