All students enrolled in the CUW School of Nursing can be considered for financial scholarships and program awards. Below are a list of current scholarships and awards. Please take a few moments to review the awards and their requirements.

Financial Scholarship Endowments

Endowments are presented each year to nursing students based on criteria established for each endowment.

As earnings from each endowment become available, CUW’s Financial Aid Director will contact the School of Nursing faculty for recommendations.

  • The Flossie Behrens Memorial Scholarship Endowment was presented to Concordia in December of 1996. Earnings from this endowment are distributed by the Director of Financial Aid to assist full time students enrolled in the Parish Nurse Program and traditional BSN students in the nursing program. Candidates are recommended to the Financial Aid Director by the School of Nursing faculty.
  • Alvin & Marion Birnschein Nursing Scholarship Endowment - Offered to traditional BSN students in the spring semester each year based on endowment availability.
  • Nurses Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment - Awarded to traditional undergraduate nursing majors entering their junior year who demonstrate financial need. The earnings from this endowment are distributed by the Financial Aid Director. Candidates for the Nurses Alumni Association Scholarship are recommended to the Financial Aid Director by the School of Nursing faculty.
  • Caroline F. Stains Memorial Endowment Scholarship in Nursing - Awarded annually to full time traditional undergraduate nursing junior or senior candidates with demonstrated financial need. The Financial Aid Director distributes the earnings from this endowment based on recommendations made by the School of Nursing faculty.


Traditional BSN students are nominated by program faculty and invited to submit an essay for the corresponding award. Each award has a specific set of criteria that nominees are required to address. Nominees’ essays are reviewed by the full time undergraduate faculty. A final vote by the faculty determines the Nightingale and Spirit of Nursing Award recipients.

  • Nightingale Award  Each year, the Nightingale Award is given to a senior in the traditional BSN program with a cumulative nursing GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Spirit of Nursing Award  Senior nursing students who have a GPA of at least 2.75 are nominated by undergraduate nursing faculty for this award.Awards are presented at the Senior Pinning Ceremony.

Additional scholarship information is available on the Traditional Undergraduate Nursing Information Page (TURNIP) on Blackboard.