Two tracks, one destination

Who can participate?

This CMMA initiative encompasses all stakeholders across Wisconsin committed to improving medication use for the Triple Aim of better care, better clinical outcomes and lower costs. Participants will join or form teams to then embark on a transformational journey. Teams may be based in clinical operations, cross organizational arrangements or policy level groups. Participants can include:

  • Providers: Health care organizations, pharmacy, and community service partners across the state of Wisconsin
  • Stakeholders: Community leadership, businesses, payers and health policy makers Teams do need to include a pharmacist, physician and a quality improvement and/or organizational administrative leader.

CMMA Accelerator Tracks

Interested participants and their team have the opportunity to participate in one of two Accelerator Tracks. 

  • Service Accelerator (for programs with an operational track record)
    • This may include: Health care organizations, primary care clinics, health systems and/or pharmacies working to advance or adopt CMM within their organizations may participate in this track.
  • Start-up Accelerator (for one organization launching ambitious CMM programs or initiatives)
    • Wisconsin-based start-up businesses or organizational business units seeking to offer programs that will provide CMM services may participate in this track.

Both tracks will support development of team strategies to integrate comprehensive medication management services into: (a) primary health care delivery for patients with chronic illnesses and (b) care transition programs involving primary care, hospital inpatient, skilled nursing facilities, and home care services.

Participation in these tracks will put teams on a path to compete for monetary awards at an accelerator event in fall 2017. These awards are $5,000 to $12,500 for the Service Accelerator and one $20,000 award for the Start-up Accelerator.

The awards are made to acknowledge the power and promise of the leadership pitch. The team can use the award as it sees fit. With the award the teams will be asked to play a leadership role in creating the market for CMM in Wisconsin.

Participants in both Accelerator Tracks will have the opportunity to pitch their innovations to a panel of judges at a live event in fall 2017.

Learn more by visiting the timeline page here.

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