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Ansel's pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems 9th ed. (Allen, Popovich, Ansel, eds.)

Ansel's pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems 10th ed. (Allen, Ansel, eds.)

The APhA complete review for pharmacy  11th ed. (Chyka, et al., eds.)

APhA's immunization handbook 3rd ed. (Angelo)

Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics 6th ed. (Shargel, et al.)

Applied clinical pharmacokinetics 2nd ed. (Bauer)

Applied therapeutics : the clinical use of drugs 10th ed. (Alldredge, et al., eds.)

The art of drug synthesis (Johnson)

The art, science, and technology of pharmaceutical compounding 5th ed. (Allen)

Basic & clinical biostatistics 4ed.(Dawson, Trapp)

Basic & clinical pharmacology 11th ed. (Katzung)

Basic & clinical pharmacology 12th ed. (Katzung, et al., eds.)

Basic clinical pharmacokinetics 5th ed. (Winter)

Basic immunology [electronic resource] : functions and disorders of the immune system 4th ed. (Abbas, et al.)

Boh's pharmacy practice manual : a guide to the clinical experience 4th ed. (Stein, ed.)

Brody's human pharmacology: molecular to clinical 5th ed. (Wecker, et al.)

Building core competencies in pharmacy informatics (Fox, et al., eds.)

Casarett & Doull's Essentials of Toxicology, 2nd ed. (Klaasen, Watkins)

Chemistry for pharmacy students : general, organic and natural product chemistry (Sarker) 

Citing Medicine 2nd ed. (Patrias)

Clinical challenges in therapeutic drug monitoring (Clarke, Dasgupta, eds.)

Clinical ethics: a practical approach to ethical decisions in clinical medicine 7th ed. (Jonsen, et al.)

Clinical manual of drug interaction principles for medical practice (Wynn)

Clinical ocular toxicologies: drugs, chemicals, and herbs (Fraunfelder, et al.)

Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics 4th ed. (Rowland, Tozer)

Clinical pharmacology 11th ed. (Bennett, et al.)

Clinical pharmacology during pregnancy (Mattison, eds.)

Clinical trials 2nd ed. (Brody)

Communication skills for pharmacists: building relationship, improving patient care 3rd ed. (Berger)

Communication skills in pharmacy practice : a practical guide for students and practitioners 6th ed. (Beardsley, et al., eds.)

Community and clinical pharmacy services: a step-by-step approach (Ellis, Sherman)

Community pharmacy practice case studies (Goode, et al., eds.)

Community pharmacy [electronic resource] : symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment 3rd ed. (Rutter)

Complete math review for pharmacy 3rd ed. (Hopkins)

Compounding sterile preparations 3rd ed. (Buchanan, Schneider, eds.)


Comprehensive pharmacy review for NAPLEX 8th ed. (Shargel, et al., eds.)

Comprehensive dermatologic drug therapy (Wolverton, ed.)

Concepts in clinical pharmacokinetics 5th ed. (DiPiro, et al.)

Concepts in clinical pharmacokinetics 6th ed. (Spruill, et al.)

Concepts in pharmacogenomics (Zdanowicz, ed.)

Conn's current therapy (Saunders)

Contemporary drug information: an evidence-based approach (Gaebelein, Gleason)

CURRENT practice guidelines in primary care 2015 (Esherick, et al.)

Dermatologic therapeutics: a pocket guide (Kerdel, et al.)

Desk reference of clinical pharmacology (Ebadi)

Drug information: a guide for pharmacists 4th ed. (Malone, et al., eds.)

Drug metabolism : chemical and enzymatic aspects (Uetrecht)

Drugs during pregnancy and lactation 3rd ed.

Drugs of abuse: neurological reviews and protocols (Wang, ed.)

Essential statistics for the pharmaceutical sciences (Rowe)

The essentials of biostatistics for physicians, nurses, and clinicians (Chernick)

Essentials of cultural competence in pharmacy practice (Halbur, Halbur, eds.)

Essentials of pathophysiology: concepts of altered states 3rd ed. (Porth, Gaspard, eds.)

Essentials of pathophysiology: concepts of altered states 4th ed. (Porth, Gaspard, eds.)

Essentials of pharmacoeconomics 2nd ed. (Rascati)

Essentials of pharmaceutical chemistry (Cairns)

Fast track : managing symptoms in the pharmacy (Nathan)

Ferri's clinical advisor: instant diagnosis and treatment

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry 7th ed. (Lemke, Williams, eds.)

Fundamental medical mycology (Reiss, et al.)

Fundamentals of early clinical drug development : from synthesis design to formulation (Abdel-Magid)


Gahart's 2018 intravenous medications 34th ed. (Gahart, et al.)

Ganong's review of medical physiology 24th ed. (Barrett, et al.)

Getting started as a pharmacy faculty member (Zgarrick)

Getting started as a pharmacy manager (Bradley-Baker)

Getting started as a pharmacy preceptor (Doty)

Getting started in a pharmacy residency (Miller)

Goldfrank's toxicologic emergencies 9th ed. (Nelson, et al., eds.)

Good laboratory practice regulations (Weinberg)

Goodman & Gilman's manual of pharmacology and therapeutics (Brunton)

Goodman & Gilman's The pharmacological basis of therapeutics  12 ed. (Brunton, et al)

Handbook of basic pharmacokinetics: including clinical applications 7th ed. (Ritschel, Kearns)

HIV InSite knowledge base (Coffey, Volberding, eds.)

Handbook of non-prescription drugs  18th ed. (Krinsky, et al.)

Handbook of non-prescription drugs 19th ed. (Krinsky, et al.)

Handbook of pharmaceutical excipients (Rowe) (Note: Use Chrome or Firefox to access this ebook.)

Harper's illustrated biochemistry 29th ed. (Murray, et al., eds.)

Harrison's principles of internal medicine 18th ed. (Longo, et al., eds.)

How to conduct a comprehensive medication review: a guidebook for pharmacists (Angelo, Cerulli)

How to implement the pharmacists' patient care process (Bennett, Kliethermes, eds.)

How to start an MTM practice : a guidebook for pharmacists

Human genetics and genomics 4th ed. (Korf, Irons)

Immunology 2nd ed. (Doan, et al.)

Internal medicine : a guide to clinical therapeutics (Attridge, et al., eds.)

Introduction to statistics in pharmaceutical clinical trials (Durham)

Introduction to the pharmaceutical sciences: an integrated approach 2nd ed (Pandit, Soltis)

Jekel's epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health 4th ed. (Katz, et al.)

Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's medical microbiology 26th ed. (Brooks, et al., eds.)

Katzung & Trevor's Pharmacology: examination & board review, 10th ed.

Lange Q&A Pharmacy 10th ed. (Hall, Reiss)

Leadership and self-deception: getting out of the box 2nd ed.

Lippincott's illustrated reviews: microbiology 3rd ed. (Cornelissen, et al.)

Litt's drug eruption reference manual : including drug interactions  (Litt)

Marks' basic medical biochemistry: a clinical approach 4th ed. (Lieberman, et al.)

Martindale : the complete (CURRENT EDITION) (Access provided through MICROMEDEX)

Martin's physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences: physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences 6th ed. (Sinko, ed.)

Martin's physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences: physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences 7th ed. (Sinko, ed.)

McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX review guide (Sutton, ed.)

Medical biochemistry 4th ed. (Baynes, Dominiczak)

Medical epidemiology 4th ed (Greenberg, et al., eds.)

Medical microbiology 7th ed. (Murray, et al.)

Medical pharmacology and therapeutics 4th ed. (Waller, Sampson)

Medical physiology: principles for clinical medicine 4th ed. (Rhoades, Bell, eds.)

Medication errors 2nd ed. (Cohen, ed.)

Medication management in care of older people (Banning, ed.)

Medicinal chemistry: introduction - classification - synthesis - explanation - mechanism of action - structure activity relationships(SARS) - usages – doses (Kar)

Medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs (Avendano, Menendez)

MediLexicon (Medical Abbreviations Dictionary)

Merck manual

The Merck veterinary manual

Meyler's side effects of drugs : the international encyclopedia of adverse drug reactions and interactions 

Meyler's side effects of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of antimicrobial drugs (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of cardiovascular drugs (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of drugs used in anesthesia (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of drugs used in cancer and immunology (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of endocrine and metabolic drugs (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of herbal medicines (Aronson, ed.)

Meyler's side effects of psychiatric drugs (Aronson, ed.)

The model state pharmacy act and model rules of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy   

Mosby's pharmacy review for the NAPLEX

Motivational interviewing for health care professionals (Berger, Villaume)

Netter's illustrated pharmacology (Raffa, et al.)

New drug discovery and development (Lednicer)

Nuclear pharmacy quick reference (Cole, et al., eds.)

Oxford American handbook of clinical pharmacy (McCarthy, et al., eds.)


Pathophysiology of disease: an introduction to clinical medicine 6th ed. (McPhee, Hammer)

Patient assessment in pharmacy practice 3rd ed. (Jones, ed.)

Patient care management: a lab workbook for prescription practice 3rd ed. (Finkel)

Peripheral brain for the pharmacist 4th ed. (APhA)

Pharmaceutical calculations 14th ed. (Ansel)

Pharmaceutical calculations 15th ed. (Ansel, Stockton)

Pharmaceutical care practice: the patient-centered approach to medication management services 3ed. (Cipolle, et al., eds.)

Pharmaceutical compounding and dispensing (Langley)

Pharmaceutics - dosage form and design (Jones)

The pharmacist in public health: education, applications, and opportunities (Truong, et al., eds.)

Pharmacoepidemiology: principles and practice (Waning, Montagne)

Pharmacogenomics: an introduction and clinical perspective (Bertino, et al.)

Pharmacology 4th ed. (Brenner, Stevens)

Pharmacology 2nd ed. (Toy)

Pharmacology and physiology for anesthesia: foundations and clinical application (Hemmings, Egan, eds.)

Pharmacology and therapeutics: principles to practice (Waldman, Terzic, eds.)

Pharmacology condensed 2nd ed. (Dale, Haylett)

Pharmacology in rehabilitation (Ciccone)

Pharmacology  : PreTest self-assessment and review

Pharmacology success: a course review applying critical thinking to test taking (Hargrove-Huttel)

Pharmacotherapy bedside guide (Martin, Talbert)

Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach 8th ed. (DiPiro, et al., eds)

Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach 9th ed. (DiPiro, et al., eds)

Pharmacotherapy casebook : a patient-focused approach 7th ed. (Schwinghammer)

Pharmacotherapy casebook : a patient-focused approach 8th ed. (Schwinghammer, Koehler)

Pharmacotherapy in primary care (Linn, et al., eds.)

Pharmacotherapy of depression (Ciraulo, Shader, eds.)

Pharmacy 13th ed. (Generali, Berger)

Pharmacy: an introduction to the profession 3rd ed. (Posey)

Pharmacy and federal drug law review : a patient profile approach (Kosegarten, Pisano)

Pharmacy case studies (Dhillon)

Pharmacy ethics: a foundation for professional practice (Buerki, Vottero)

Pharmacy law : textbook and review (Feinberg)

Pharmacy management : essentials for all practice settings 2nd ed. (Desselle)

Pharmacy management : essentials for all practice settings 3rd ed. (Desselle, et al., eds.)

The pharmacy professional's guide to resumes, CV's, and interviewing 3rd ed. (Reinders)

Pharmacy research: a how-to guide for students, residents, and new practitioners (Vellurattil)

Pharmacy student survival guide 2nd ed. (Nemire)

Pharmacy student survival guide 2nd ed. (Nemire, Kier, eds.)

Physical pharmacy (Attwood)

Physiology case studies in pharmacy (APhA)

Pocket guide to diagnostic tests 6th ed. (Nicoll, et al., eds.)

A practical guide to contemporary pharmacy practice 3rd ed. (Thompson, ed.)

Price of global health: drug pricing strategies to balance patient access and the funding of innovation (Schoonveld)

Principles and practice of pharmaceutical medicine (Edwards)

Principles of pharmacology: the pathophysiologic basis of drug therapy 3rd ed. (Golan, et al., eds.)

Principles of pharmacology: the pathophysiologic basis of drug therapy 4rd ed. (Golan, et al., eds.)

Principles of the human genome and pharmacogenomics (Brazeau)

Principles of toxicology testing (Barile)


Quality and safety in pharmacy practice (Warholak, Nau)

Quick answers : pharmacy (DiPiro, Schwinghammer)

Quick review : pharmacy 13th ed. (Generali, Berger)

Rang and Dale's pharmacology 7th ed. (Rang, et al., eds.)

Red book (Access provided through MICROMEDEX)

Resolving ethical dilemmas: a guide for clinicians 5th ed. (Lo)

Review of organic functional groups: introduction to medicinal organic chemistry 5th ed (Lemke)

Roadmap to postgraduate training in pharmacy (Bookstaver, et al.)

Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease 9th ed. (Kumar, et al., eds.)

The Sage encyclopedia of pharmacology and society 9th ed. (Boslaugh, ed.)

Side effects of drugs annual  : a worldwide yearly survey of new data and trends in adverse drug reactions 

Spanish for the pharmacy professional (Sias, et al.)

Supply chain managment in the drug industry: delivering patient value for pharmaceuticals and biologics (Rees) 

Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary

Therapeutic drug monitoring: newer drugs and biomarkers (Dasgupta, ed.)

Transplantation drug manual (Pirsch)

Trissel's stability of compounded formulations 5th ed. (Trissel) (Limited to 5 Users at a time)

Understanding drug action: an introduction to pharmacology (Rice)

Understanding health outcomes and pharmacoeconomics (MacKinnon, ed.)

Understanding health policy: a clinical approach 6th ed. (Bodenheimer, Grembach)

Understanding pharmacoepidemiology (Yang, West-Strum, eds.)

Understanding pharmacy calculations 2nd ed. (O’Sullivan, Albrecht)

Understanding the benefits and risks of pharmaceuticals : workshop summary (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies)

USP-NF Online (Limited to 1 User at a time)

The Washington manual of medical therapeutics 35th ed. (Bhat, et al., eds.)

Women's health across the lifespan: a pharmacotherapeutic approach (Borgelt, et al., eds.)