Initial funding to support the CMMA comes from a generous gift made to the CUW School of Pharmacy by Erv Dohmen. This initiative encompasses Mr. Dohmen’s desire to empower pharmacists and support pharmacy practice advancement in the state of Wisconsin. The CUW School of Pharmacy, dedicated to improving the health of communities, emphasizes Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) for its patient-centered approach and positive effect on health outcomes, lower costs and increased patient satisfaction. CMM services have proven to be of enormous benefit to patients with chronic care conditions, who take a number of medications and are at highest risk for medication-related problems. In addition, health care trends suggest an increasing need for pharmacists to participate in interprofessional health care teams, integrating CMM services into general primary care services. This CMMA offers opportunities to assist organizations and communities across the state to prepare for the future of health care delivery, today.

Concordia University Wisconsin has chosen to lead the CMMA in collaboration with the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM). AIMM, a national non-profit organization, is known for its proven process working with health systems, primary care clinics, community pharmacies and other stakeholders committed to driving change in care delivery systems. AIMM offers strategies employed by front-line practitioners in partnership with organizational leaders to assume accountability for patient safety and health, improve quality of care, and champion payment models that recognize the value of medication management services integrated into a comprehensive and coordinated approach to primary care.