Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services have proven to be of enormous benefit to patients with chronic care conditions, who take a number of medications and are at highest risk for medication-related problems. In addition, health care trends suggest an increasing need for pharmacists to participate in inter-professional health care teams, integrating CMM services into general primary care services. CMM has been documented to have rapid and major impact on bringing chronic condition patients to goal. The cost avoidance it generates produces significant positive financial returns. CMM is necessary to achieve the Triple Aim with high medication risk patients.

MM is a health care service that relies on team-based care involving inter-professional providers (e.g., primary care, specialists, and clinical pharmacists) and partnering with the patient to prevent, identify, and resolve medication-related problems to help patients meet their goals. It has been piloted and demonstrated so that it may now be adapted and integrated into health care systems to achieve significant progress in advancing better care, better outcomes, and smarter spending.

Defining CMM

CMM is a health care service intended to optimize the use of medications and achieve desired goals of therapy for patients. Pharmacists accomplish this through a process by which they assess each of the patient’s health conditions and their medications (e.g., prescription, nonprescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins, or nutritional supplements) to determine that each medication is:

  • Appropriate for the patient
  • Effective for the medical condition
  • Safe, given the co-morbidities [concurrent medical conditions] and other medications being taken
  • Able to be taken by the patient as intended

Upon completion of this assessment, the pharmacist works with the patient and their health care team to develop and implement an individualized care plan that includes appropriate follow-up to determine outcomes associated with the patient’s medications.

Adding Value with CMM services

The national report: “Get the Medications Right: A Nationwide Snapshot of Expert Practices” features 15 diverse practices across the country who successfully launched, and scaled and spread CMM services as part of the practices’ business portfolio. The established CMM services contribute to the overall business practice as a sustainable value add and effective cost management.

Among these 15 sites, it was demonstrated that:

  • CMM services can address the primary care workforce shortage and some specialty shortages by increasing access to care.
  • Team-based collaborative practice with strong physician and health care leadership is necessary for adoption.
  • CMM significantly improves clinical outcomes and is a key patient engagement strategy.
  • Population health strategies to target the most complex cases lower health care utilization and costs.
  • Patients and providers are extremely satisfied with CMM services.

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