May 19, 2017

CMMA Launch! Live, in-person event on at the CUW campus.

Summer/Fall 2017

Innovation Development Phase: Interested organizations, partners and businesses will develop an innovative CMM initiative to pitch to the CMMA Pitch-Event Judges for Accelerator Track awarded funding.

November 2017

CMMA Pitch Event: Live, in-person CMM Innovation Pitches are presented! Selected CMM initiatives will be awarded funding in one of the two accelerator tracks.

December 2017 – November 2018

Innovation Implementation Phase: Awardees of the Service Accelerator Track will participate in a 12-month learning collaborative to roll out their CMM initiative. Awardees will receive monthly online and in-person coaching provided by the Batterman School of Business for business and strategy development and quality improvement technical assistance on their CMM delivery pathway from AIMM development program coaches.

May 2018

CMMA “In Action” Event: A learning and sharing event for all participants in the CMMA. Event is open to all stakeholders to learn from the innovators, identify early successes and contribute to building momentum for sustaining promising practices.

November 2018

CMMA Results Event: Celebration of results, live, in-person event. Awardees will convene at CUW campus to showcase leadership stories and build further momentum for sustainability, while inspiring stakeholders.