Assessment & Evaluation

2015 AACP Award of Excellence in Assessment Winner (Abstract)

Nicia Lemoine, Tamara Ferry, Michael Brown

The Award for Excellence in Assessment recognizes outstanding Doctor of Pharmacy assessment programs for their progress in developing and applying evidence of outcomes as part of the ongoing evaluation and improvement of pharmacy professional education. AACP has selected CUWSOP’s portfolio as a winner of the 2015 Award for Excellence in Assessment. CUWSOP will present their assessment submission during the 2015 AACP Annual Meeting on July 12, 2015.

The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

This page is built on the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Transparency Framework for dissemination of our performance data, key assessment data including those related to accreditation and program development.

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

1. Student Learning Outcomes

A culture of assessment and evaluation is built on mission-based program level learning goals supported by specific student learning outcomes. These outcomes are the vehicle for structuring and focusing the evidence we collect, the analyses we conduct, and the curricular connections we make.

2. Assessment Resources

ExamSoft supports the testing process including exam, administration, delivery and analysis. It delivers flexible, secure tests in any location on campus. ExamSoft is used as a learning tool on three different levels (student, instructor, and curricular). For students, ExamSoft helps break down performance, focus learning, and foster self-directed learning. This tool helps instructors know what components of their course were mastered and which were more challenging. Finally, feedback generated from ExamSoft aids in overall curricular improvement.

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3. Current Assessment and Evaluation Activities

Current assessment and evaluation activities include information on a full range of projects and activities to gauge student learning, make improvements or respond to accountability interests. The Program Evaluation Plan summarizes current assessment and evaluation activities.

4. Evidence of Student Learning

Evidence of student learning includes information from a variety of sources.

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Surveys (AACP)

5. Use of Student Learning

Evidence of student learning is used to identify areas where changes in policies and practices may lead to improvement. This evidence is gathered at the course and program level and focuses on both student learning and the overall student experience. Student learning evidence is used to inform improvements in curriculum, pedagogy, resources, and student services