Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) occur during the final year of the professional program (P4 year) and consist of a series of in-depth pharmacy practice and patient care experiences in both ambulatory and institutional environments.  In these settings, students apply didactic instruction, continue to develop patient care skills, and enhance their knowledge of patient care management.

The CUW SOP P4 year will consist of 8 rotation blocks.  Students will be required to complete 7 of the 8 rotation blocks, with the option to take all 8 if desired.  Each rotation will be 6 weeks in length (a minimum of 40 hours per week).

APPE Calendar 16-17

Experiential Education Resource Manual for Clinical Instructors and Students

Required APPE Rotation Descriptions

Community Pharmacy (Phar 680)

The Community Pharmacy APPE is a required 6 week experience in a community (retail) pharmacy. Students will work with community pharmacists and engage in all aspects of community pharmacy, including medication therapy management, patient education, prescription order processing, self-care product recommendations, and administrative functions.

Acute Care Medicine (Phar 682)

The Acute Care Medicine APPE is a required 6 week clinical pharmacy experience in an inpatient, acute care setting. During this experience, students will develop and explore their roles in an interdisciplinary health team and refine their skills in pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, drug information retrieval and evaluation, verbal and written communication, patient monitoring, and case presentations. Students will apply didactic clinical coursework to the care of the hospitalized patient and actively participate in the healthcare decision-making process.

Hospital/Health System Pharmacy (Phar 684)

The Hospital/Health System APPE is a required 6 week experience focused in the central pharmacy and distributive areas of an inpatient pharmacy. During this experience, students will participate in various distributive, clinical and administrative functions of hospital pharmacists. Students will engage in all aspects of hospital/health system pharmacy, including IV admixture preparation, the medication use process, quality assurance, interdisciplinary communication, and patient care.

Ambulatory Care (Phar 686)

The Ambulatory Care APPE is a required 6 week pharmacy experience in an outpatient setting. Students will participate on the interdisciplinary team in a variety of patient care activities, including clinical care conferences, patient education, drug therapy monitoring and recommendations, physical assessments, and drug information questions. The student will be provided with many opportunities to apply didactic coursework to patient care in the ambulatory setting. The student will actively participate in the health care decision-making process, especially as it pertains to drug therapy.

Elective APPE Rotations (Phar 688)

Each elective APPE rotation will be a 6 week, full-time (40 hours per week) rotation in a pharmacy practice specialty area. Three electives are required; a fourth is a student option.  Elective experiences may include, but are not limited to, pharmacy administration, geriatrics, pharmacokinetics, infectious disease, nutritional support, psychiatry, pediatrics, critical care, cardiology, neonatology, immunology, and clinical research.

APPE Rotation Manuals

Community Pharmacy APPE Manual (Phar 680)

Acute Care Medicine APPE Manual (Phar 682)

Hospital/Health System Pharmacy APPE Manual (Phar 684)

Ambulatory Care APPE Manual (Phar 686)

Elective APPE Manual (Phar 688)