Current and Prospective Preceptors

Here you’ll find information on preceptor requirements, benefits, and training for current and prospective Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy preceptors (clinical instructors). As a preceptor, you’re an invaluable resource to CUW and our students.

CUW-SOP Pharmacy Days

Pharmacy Days is an annual event co-sponsored by the CUW SOP Office of Experiential Education and the Office of Student Affairs. Pharmacy Days is designed to expose CUW SOP students to the multitude of options available to them as they start planning their pharmacy careers. Employers are encouraged to provide students with information about clinical rotations, internships, residencies and post-graduation career options.

P4 students are now ready to pursue post-graduate training and employment opportunities. P3 students will be especially interested in information that employers can provide regarding clinical rotations their sites offer to P4 students. P1 and P2 students will be more likely to focus on information about internships and career options. Pre-pharmacy students may also be in attendance at Pharmacy Days.

Questions? Please Contact Melissa Theesfeld, Director of Experiential Education, at 262-243-2769 or

Register as a CUW-SOP pharmacy site

Is your pharmacy interested in hosting CUW-SOP students? Please take a moment to complete this experiential site information form to begin the process. Once we receive the completed form, the Office of Experiential Education will contact you with additional information.

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Preceptor Orientation and Training

Please log in to E*Value for access to the Clinical Instructor Guides for each IPPE and APPE rotation. (If you don’t know your E*Value log-in credentials, please email Melissa Theesfeld, director of experiential education.)

CUW Orientation and EE Overview
Time to complete: approximately 18 minutes

APPE Policies
Time to complete: approximately 14 minutes

APPE Evaluations
Time to complete: approximately 10 minutes

E*Value Guide for Clinical Instructors
PDF Document 

IPPE-1 Community Instructors
Time to complete: approximately 21 minutes

IPPE-1 Hospital Instructors
Time to complete: approximately 22 minutes

IPPE-2 Community Instructors
Time to complete: approximately 16 minutes

Time to complete: approximately 16 minutes

Time to complete: approximately 13 minutes

Time to complete: approximately 14 minutes

IPPE-4 Community Instructors
Time to complete: approximately 14 minutes

IPPE-4 Hospital Instructors
Time to complete: approximately 15 minutes

Community Pharmacy APPE (PHAR 680)
approximately 13 minutes

Acute Care Medicine APPE (PHAR 682)
approximately 15 minutes

Hospital/Health System Pharmacy APPE (PHAR 684)
approximately 15 minutes

Ambulatory Care APPE (PHAR 686)
approximately 15 minutes

Elective APPE (PHAR 688)
approximately 10 minutes

Benefits and Awards

Tuition Waiver

CUW-SOP Clinical instructors receive an affiliate faculty title with the university. Affiliate faculty will be considered for a tuition waiver of 50 percent for one class per semester, up to three classes per year for traditional and adult education undergraduate and graduate programs.

To be eligible for tuition reimbursement, an affiliate faculty member must be in good standing with the University and have served as the primary preceptor for a minimum of one CUW-SOP IPPE or APPE student in the previous 12 months.

Clinical Instructor Excellence Awards

To recognize the efforts of preceptors for their work with IPPE and/or APPE students, CUW-SOP annually presents Clinical Instructor Excellence Awards based on student nominations.

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