Doctor of Pharmacy Graduation Requirements

To receive your Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from the Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, all Doctor of Pharmacy students must complete a minimum of 148 credits, including at least:

  • 10 credits of professional electives traditionally completed in the student’s third year
  • 18 credits of elective advanced pharmacy practice experiences in the fourth year

Non-bachelor’s Degree Requirements

CUW’s School of Pharmacy is proud to admit students both with and without a previous bachelor’s degree.

For students without a previous bachelor’s degree who transfer into CUW to begin their Doctor of Pharmacy studies, the University requires two core theology courses be completed either in traditional classroom settings or online prior to graduation. These are included in the usual tuition for the Pharm.D. program and present no additional cost to the student.

For students without a previous bachelor’s degree who complete their prerequisites at CUW, the University requires completion of the common core prior to graduation-again at no additional cost once a Pharm.D. student. See the common core description in our course catalog or talk to our admissions staff for more information.