Master of Product Development (MPD) Program FAQs

  • What makes this Master’s degree unique?
    The Master of Product Development (MPD) degree was developed after extensive discussions with industry leaders, so that it develops the kind of skills industry is looking for in future employees. Classes are taught on the CUW campus and in a new hybrid classroom/cGMP lab on the Innovation/Accelerator Campus, near the Milwaukee Regional Medical center.

    We’ve teamed with local pharmaceutical and chemical product development companies to design and teach the classes, and these companies may also provide apprenticeships for our students to be able to obtain the kind of hands-on and real-world experience companies demand.

  • What are local scientists saying about the CUW MPD program?
    “We have a need for organic synthesis skills beyond the BS level (e.g., dealing with air-sensitive chemicals, cryogenic reactions), and some aspects of process development, such as characterizing reaction progress and effects of different crystallization conditions (especially characterizing polymorphs). These are things you don’t learn in most chemistry programs, but would be taught in the MPD.” —John Lynch, CSO, Cedarburg Hauser Pharmaceuticals