Mission & Vision

Program Purpose

The CUWSOP Residency Program will prepare academic ambulatory care practitioners with a specific focus on urban underserved practice settings.  Graduates will be capable of:

  • Developing, providing, advancing and teaching patient care in ambulatory settings and,
  • Fulfilling teaching, practice, research and service roles as a pharmacy practice faculty member.  

Our Mission

Advancing ambulatory pharmacy practice development in urban underserved areas and the development of high functioning pharmacy practice faculty members through formal and formative residency learning experiences.

Program Description

12-Month Urban Underserved Emphasis:

The majority of time will be spent in direct patient care in the medical clinic and pharmacy at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin with time once weekly at CUWSOP in teaching and learning activities that will foster academic development.  A full day each week will be allocated for administrative projects in the pharmacy and medical clinic.  The graduate will be prepared for success in pharmacy practice faculty positions as well as a variety of non-academic ambulatory care practice positions.

24-Month Practice & Academic Leadership Emphasis:

Residents will spend half of their experience in patient care with year 1 at an established pharmacy practice site at a federally qualified health center and year 2 developing and advancing ambulatory care services in an urban underserved site.  Residents will spend 25% of their time in a variety of teaching roles at CUWSOP.  The remaining 25% will be allocated to academic development including completion of a Master’s in Education with emphasis on teaching and learning.  The graduate will be prepared for success in pharmacy practice faculty positions as well as a variety of non-academic ambulatory care practice positions.

Our Vision for Residency Graduates

Graduates of our program will be highly sought faculty members and/or ambulatory care pharmacists that will be desired for their advanced academic preparation and experiences in developing urban underserved ambulatory care practices.  Our graduates will be able to combine an advanced pharmacotherapy knowledge base with formative teaching, scholarship, and service experiences to be highly effective members of the academy upon residency graduation.  Schools/colleges of pharmacy and pharmacy graduates looking to become pharmacy practice faculty members with an ambulatory care focus will consider us the premier training site for post-Pharm.D. education.  Practice sites will desire our residents experience in practice development to advance the level of service provided at their institutions.

Our Vision for the Ambulatory Care Residency Program

The CUWSOP Residency Program will be recognized nationally not only for its exceptional graduates, but also for innovation in residency education.  Other institutions will seek to model our approach in simultaneously meeting the growing demand for pharmacy practice faculty members while contributing to the enhancement of ambulatory pharmacy practices in urban underserved areas.  Our program will be an instrument for pharmacy practice development, growing experiences for CUWSOP students to develop their ambulatory care practice skills in an urban underserved site.

Within the School, the CUWSOP Residency Program will serve as a fundamental ingredient in the advancement of our mission and faculty-led practice initiatives.  Residency training sites will be viewed as essential partners because of their quality services and their ability to create desirable pharmacist-resident-student learning triads.  In academic practices, residents and faculty will create symbiotic teams that focus on distinctive residency learning experiences, producing gold-standard pharmacy practices and supporting the success of the academic practitioner.