Peer Tutoring

The LRC provides free peer tutoring for frequently requested 100-200 level and select 300-level undergraduate courses offered at CUW.

How Peer Tutoring can help

Students are typically matched with tutors who have taken the same class and instructor in a prior year. Our trained tutors help their clients:

  • Understand course objectives
  • Review material
  • Prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Learn study techniques

Depending upon individual needs, either peer-to-peer or small group tutoring can be arranged. Peer tutoring is open to all CUW students and there is no charge for the service.

Sign up for tutoring

Students can sign up for tutoring online! Go to or click the button below to get started.  View instructions for TutorTrac.

Make An Appointment


Please contact the Learning Resource Center for questions or appointments 262-243-2623 or

Tutoring FAQs

The LRC hires tutors for frequently requested 100-200 level and select 300 level courses. We determine what is “frequently requested” by observing trends from past semesters. We also hire tutors for courses for which we receive more than 3 requests in a given semester.

How do I make an appointment?

Students can make an appointment two ways: by stopping by the LRC (Mon-Thur 8am-8pm & Fri 8am-4:30pm) or by visiting and logging in with your CUW portal password. You will choose “Tutoring” from the “Center” drop-down list and then you will choose the course from your list of classes. All of the availabilities for tutors for that specific course will then show up on the schedule. If one of your courses does not show up on this list, then we may not currently have a tutor that matches your availability. Please visit the LRC for help finding a tutor. Tutoring must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. There are no same day appointments, as our tutors do not sit and wait for students to drop in. They only work when they are booked. This is because our tutors are specialized and only tutor courses for which they have received an A- or better in. If you need immediate help with any math or writing assignment, there are drop-in times available at the Math Drop-In Desk and the Writing Center.

What if I need to miss/cancel my appointment?

We treat missed appointments and canceled appointments very differently. A “canceled” appointment is one that is successfully canceled 24-hours prior to the appointment. A “missed” appointment is when a student cancels an appointment without 24 hours’ notice, does not show up for an appointment or is more than 15 minutes late (after this point, tutors are instructed to leave). If you “miss” an appointment, you will be marked as “missed” on TutorTrac. After two “missed” appointments in one semester, TutorTrac will automatically lock your account and you will not be able to make any other appointments for the remainder of the semester. If this occurs, you can contact the Director who will determine whether your tutoring privileges can/will be reinstated.

What do I do if there is not a tutor available for my course?

We attempt to find tutors for as many courses as possible. But if we do not have a course, we still want to help. We provide Peer Academic Coaches for all courses at CUW. These employees will help you study and stay on track in your course and help you succeed. In addition, you are welcome to fill out a “Tutor Request Form” available at the LRC front desk. We strive to accommodate most requests in one way or another, however requests are not guaranteed. Tutoring requests will be accepted until the last day in the semester to drop a class.

How does tutoring work?

Tutoring takes place in small groups of up to three students per tutor. If either a tutor or tutee has concerns about the tutee’s success in a small group tutoring environment, he/she should speak with the Learning Resource Center’s Director (262.243.4216) about the possibility of additional assistance.

What if the tutor’s availability does not match my own?

Supplemental Instruction and tutoring sessions will be scheduled to accommodate tutors’ schedules. Students seeking tutoring are expected to make themselves available for academic assistance except for the times they are in class. Students are welcome to fill out a “Request for a Tutor” form if you would like to request a tutor who can work different times than the ones already provided. However, tutor requests due to scheduling conflicts because of work and extra-curricular activities may not be accommodated.

I was told there were no tutors for my course because there is an SI instead, but I need more help, what should I do?

If Supplemental Instruction is offered for a course, students are expected to attend at least 2 weeks of the SI session before requesting a tutor. Students are also encouraged to attend the SI Leader’s office hours for additional one-on-one assistance. Students who would like to receive tutoring in addition to attending the SI sessions and office hours should speak with the Learning Resource Center Assistant Director (262.243.4216).

How much does tutoring cost?

All LRC tutoring is provided at no cost to students currently enrolled at CUW.

How often can I receive tutoring?

Tutoring sessions meet once weekly for an hour per course. Additional sessions can be arranged during high need times (when a major test approaches, for example) by contacting your tutor if his/her schedule allows and by contacting the Learning Resource Center Assistant Director (262.243.4216) for prior approval.


I am an online, adult education, or off-site student. What kind of tutoring is available to me?

Center students should contact their center director to inquire about in-person tutoring availability. Adult, online, and off-site students also have the option of utilizing Smarthinking. Please contact your Online Student Support Advisor for more information. 

I am a member of the community seeking a tutor for my son/daughter or self. What are my options?

Individuals seeking tutoring for their sons/daughters enrolled in local schools are encouraged to post an ad on Falcon Jobs, Concordia’s online job board managed by Career Services. Posting directions for employers (parents seeking a CUW student to serve as a tutor) can be found on Falcon Jobs. We recommend that you pay $15-20 per hour directly to the student you choose to hire.