Cayuses 424

Cayuses 424 is a web-based proposal preparation and routing system, providing:

  • Full support for over 98% of opportunities: the system downloads the appropriate forms required to apply for federal grants.
  • Accuracy and efficiency in proposal development: during proposal development, the system performs real-time error checking based on agency and opportunity-specific rules, validations, and other rules. Users are able to click on an error to resolve issues.
  • Centralized and reusable data: institutional data is managed in one location.
  • Proposal Routing and Approval: users can view, edit, and collaborate on proposals during any stage of development.
  • Cayuses 424 maintains a complete repository and history of proposals: allowing users to copy or transform them to different opportunities.
  • Collaboration between Cayuse sites: allows easy important or export of subaward documents.


Concordia University has signed up for access to GrantForward which is open to all members of our institution. GrantForward is a funding opportunity database and recommendation service that allows users to easily find grant opportunities.

GrantForward recommends grants to users based on their CV, past publications, and research interests. You can create an account using your CUW/CUAA email address and password.

GrantForward can be accessed through the Concordia portal and clicking on the “Faculty” or “Resources” tab.