Summer Global Engagement Institute

Spend the Summer learning about the cultures and customs of the United States at a U.S. Christian University! You'll get immersed in U.S. culture through history, academics, Concordia instructors and student leaders, field trips, sports, meals together and English language training. The SGEI program includes housing, courses, activities and food for two weeks at Concordia University, Wisconsin, United States.


Year in review

The World Cup Soccer Tournament wasn't the only international event this summer, as Concordia University Wisconsin again hosted high school students from Japan and Uruguay for intensive English and Culture Programs, as well as science camps in the university's environmental center.

Japanese students from Kashiwa work alongside Concordia professors and students to test the rivers in the Milwaukee area. Students took water samples and surveyed fish species.

Students from Keiai high school take a break from their English classes to swim in lake Shawano!

International and American students study chemistry and medicine in Concordia’s Pharmacology department.

Students from Montevideo, Uruguay meet Santiago Urrutia Lausarot, a famous racecar driver from their home country. Students received a tour of Santiago’s garage and saw the race.

International and American students work together to create the tallest tower in the team-building exercise called “The Marshmallow Challenge”.

Immerse yourself

  • Learn Concordia’s unique history and educational environment
  • Experience Concordia’s Lutheran beliefs and practices
  • Learn about our continuing education programs
  • Meet a variety of Concordia faculty and students
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Develop intercultural communication skills
  • Learn the differences in education between your country and the United States
  • Develop better English speaking and writing
  • Discuss cultural differences and similarities in a safe, comfortable setting
  • Learn the history of the United States especially within the Great Lakes area
  • Enjoy excursions in cities like: Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Mequon, and Ann Arbor




Located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Milwaukee is a cultural hub of the United States’ Midwest region. Explore the attractions in Milwaukee, and dine at some of the best restaurants in Wisconsin! Excrusions Include: Milwaukee Art Museum, Historic Third Ward, Milwaukee Lakefront, Milwaukee Ale House, Sprecher’s Brewery Tour, and Miller Park; home of the Brewers.



Experience the local culture and food of Detroit. The SGEI tour will include trips to Detroit’s downtown area where you will learn about how this city has integrated cultures from all over the world. Additionally, learn about the automobile industry in the city where many car companies are founded. Excursions include: The Henry Ford Museum, Belle Isle Park, Comerica ball park, Detroit Institute of the Arts, and the Eastern Market.



As the United States’ 3rd Largest city, Chicago is one of the most internationally recognized cities in the world and offers food and entertainment from many different countries and cultures. During your time in SGEI, you will explore the Chicago downtown, learn about Chicago’s history, take a boat ride on the Chicago River, and visit other destinations. At the end of your trip, we will take you to Giordano’s to try authentic Chicago-style pizza. Excursions include: Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, The Willis Tower, and Giordano’s Pizzeria.


What to expect:

Small groups of 15-25 students, from around the world, with a variety of academic pursuits, will come together to experience the United States through a Christ-centered university. Knowledge of English will vary from beginner to advanced-intermediate. They will be guided through interactive courses by university professors and engaged on many levels, developing critical thinking skills as they work on objectives together with American Concordia students using English to communicate. Interaction with one another throughout the camp will help develop speaking and listening abilities.


Winter: Culture Immersion

Cost: $1850
Duration: January 7–18

Looking for something to do during the winter break? Why not take that time to learn about the United States and practice English. Come join us for a cultural immersion program in January. The program will allow you take academic courses, develop your English abilities, and introduce you to the culture in the United States. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy all of the excellent winter activities, including skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, and visiting Wisconsin’s indoor waterparks.

Summer 1: Culture Immersion

Cost: $2400
Duration: July 5 - July 19

This program is intended for high school students interested in attending a U.S university. The program will help you develop your English language abilities while introducing you to the culture in the United States. Additionally, you will take university courses from actual Concordia professors in a variety of specialties. Aside from classes, you will travel to some of the best vacation destinations in the United States, including Detroit and Chicago.

Summer 2: Healthcare/Culture Immersion

Cost: $2500
Duration: July 23rd to August 6

Interested in pursuing a career in healthcare? Concordia University offers multiple courses in healthcare, including medicine, rehab science, nursing, and psychology. Throughout our summer program, you will be introduced to many subjects in the healthcare field while simultaneously improving your English communication and experiencing the culture of the US.

Academic courses


Participate in actual management programs taught in Concordia’s Batterman School of Business. With your team, you will coordinate in groups to develop strategies and polices that mirror actual business projects. Additionally, you will engage in conversations about business ethics and concepts.


Pharmacy courses proved active learning through skill-development laboratories and practice-based experience. Interact with professors and peers as you explore chemistry and biology.


Experience the life of a nurse through interacting with peers in hospital simulations and touring healthcare institutions in Milwaukee. The program explores medical surgical, community health, pediatrics, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and bedside interactions.

Rehab Science

Interested in pursuing a career in rehab science? Explore concepts in rehabilitation, lifespan development, human aging, and biomechanics. Tour a physical therapy office and learn about the processes necessary to rehab patients through exercise and education.


Helping children learn and grow provides a very rewarding career. In our education courses, you will meet American elementary students and help them learn through direct interaction and organized learning activities.

Environmental Science

The Midwest offers a variety of ecosystems. Explore water biology and conduct experiments outdoors. In our environmental studies program, you will interact with insects and animals that are native to the area. Additionally, you will learn from Concordia professors about the crucial factors that are necessary to sustain life in an ecosystem.

English Courses

The SGEI English course provides you with opportunities to practice speaking and writing in English. During the duration of camp, you will discuss a range of academically focused topics that prepares you for the discussions that you may experience if you decide to attend courses at Concordia University.

Topics Include: Art, Business, Environment, Food and Diet, Government, Health, Language, Media, Psychology, Society, Technology, Tourism, and Transportation.

Critical Thinking: Develop critical thinking skills as you work on objectives together with American Concordia students using English to communicate.

Conversation Partners: Conversation partners are Concordia students who will interact with you throughout the camp and help you develop your speaking and listening abilities.

Global Leaders

Making friends and making a difference

Global Leaders are Concordia students who are interested in learning about new cultures and helping international students practice English. Global Leaders come from a variety of majors on campus and are happy to answer any questions SGEI participants have about life in the United States or at Concordia University.

If you are a current Concordia student and you're interested in our Global Leaders program, please contact for more information.

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