After Acceptance

I’ve been accepted!  What do I do next?

  • First check out our "Arrival Checklist".
  • Secondly, pay your Tuition Deposit.

    The next step is for you to make your advance tuition deposit. This deposit will hold your place at Concordia University and is not an additional fee. I-20 documents will only be sent after you have made the deposit. 

    Click here to make your deposit today!

I received my I-20!  How do I make my SEVIS payment?

Please be sure to pay your SEVIS (Student/Exchange Visitor Information System) fee at least three days prior to scheduling your visa interview. Please note that if your SEVIS payment has not gone through you may be turned away from your visa interview.  Currently there are three options available to make the payment:

  • Credit or Debit Card Online
  • Check or Money Order in the Post
  • Western Union Quick Pay

Please see SEVIS webpage for more information.

I’ve paid my SEVIS fee, how do I schedule my visa appointment?

First you should visit the U.S. Visa Appointment & Processing Wait Times Page and check on the current appointment wait time.

You can then schedule your appointment online in the following steps:

  1. Select your world region
  2. Select your country of residence or the country in which you will attend a visa interview
  3. Select ‘Non-Immigrant Visas’
  4. Select ‘Schedule a Visa Interview’

Can I come to the U.S. before classes start?

Yes!  You may enter the U.S. up to 30 days prior to the start date that is listed on your I-20. 

 I still want to come this semester, but won’t be able to make it by the start date on my I-20.  What should I do?

You should try your hardest to make it to Concordia University by the date listed on your I-20.  Exceptions to this will only be made in extreme circumstances.  Please contact the Office of International Student Services as soon as you’re aware that you may be late.

I really wanted to come this semester, but my circumstances will not allow me.  How do I receive an I-20 for next semester?

You will need to fill out the I-20 Deferral Request Form and submit a $50 deferral request fee. This fee covers the cost of sending you a new I-20.