So... what's next

Congratulations on being accepted! We are very excited that you are thinking about becoming a ‘falcon’ in the near future. Below are the general next steps after acceptance. We realize that everyone is unique and will approach these steps a little differently therefore, if at any time you would like to talk through your individual situation with an admissions counselor, please call us at 262-243-4300. We always love hearing from future CUW students.

Step 1: Visit Campus

 Whether it will be your first visit or your tenth, we would love to see you on campus. Some things to consider experiencing while on campus are: sitting in on a class, meeting with a professor or coach, spending the night with a current student, going to a sporting event or performance. We are more than happy to help set up your visit, please see us online and let us know how we can customize a visit for you and your family.

Step 2: Tuition Deposit

After acceptance we require a $200 refundable deposit which will be applied to your first semester's tuition. This deposit saves your spot in our incoming class and enables you to sign up for a Registration Day to pick classes. The deposit deadline is May 1st, deposits will be accepted after that date on a space available basis. The deposit is refundable if submitted prior to May 1st, and if you withdraw the deposit prior to May 1st. When ready you may submit your deposit online.

Step 3: Student Portal

After you have submitted your tuition deposit, IT Staff will create your very own student portal. You may access it by visiting and using your student ID (F00___) and create a password here. Once you log into your student portal, you will have access to your CUW student email, housing application, online learning board, library resources, campus calendar, etc. If you just paid your deposit online and cannot log onto your student portal, please don't stress! We are more than likely in the process of creating everything for you. If it takes more than a couple days, please call your Admission Counselor at 262-243-4300 and we will gladly help.

Step 4: Class Registration

As a Fall Admit: Registration can be done one of two ways; "Group" or "Cannot Attend". Each of our Group Registration Days host approximately 100 incoming students which provides you a great opportunity to interact with future classmates, hall mates, and/or teammates. If you are unable to come to campus which we understand may be the case, especially if you live far away from your new "home", then you will want to select the 'Cannot Attend' option and we will mail you the pertinent information.

As a Spring Admit: Registration can once again be done one of two ways; "Individual" or "Cannot Attend". On an Individual Registration Day, you will come to campus to register for classes on a scheduled weekday and time that is most convenient for you. If you are unable to come to campus which we understand may be the case, especially if you live far away from your new "home", then you will want to select the 'Cannot Attend' option and we will mail you the pertinent information.

We will notify you when registration is open for your incoming class. This will typically be done by email to the address you supplied on your admission application. If you have questions regarding registration, please feel free to reach out to your Admission Counselor or the Advising Office at 262-243-4499.

Step 5: Housing

The housing application is found on the student portal. Please see above for help accessing your student portal. The housing application is located on the student services tab, in the middle column. You will need to submit a $300 non-refundable security deposit before you are able to complete your application. Yes, if you have a roommate in mind, you may request that person but they must select you as well on their application. Do not worry if you don't have anyone in mind to room with. Our Residence Life Staff will match you with a roommate based upon your responses to the questionnaire on the housing application. After your first year, if you still intend to live on campus, you will select your exact room and roommates for the coming year before school ends each year.

Step 6: Meal Plans

We will not let you starve on campus! We have three major dining options and a food court to satisfy your culinary desires. Best yet, all of them will work with your meal plan. Selecting a meal plan is part of the housing application. For more detailed information on each of the meal plans and dining facilities, please click here.

Step 7: Move-In/Orientation

It is completely normal to be anxious about moving away from home. More than likely, you will not know anyone else on campus before your move-in day, and that's perfectly fine! Think of it this way, there will be over 800 new students in the same situation as you: attending orientation, meeting new people, and making new friends. These new acquaintances could very well be your future roommates, colleagues, business partners, best friends, who knows? Better yet, your incoming class will be comprised of students from 47 states and 34 countries, so you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world! To help break the ice, we ask that all new students move to campus three days prior to our returning students, and have FUN! Click here to view the orientation schedule. We hope that you are as excited as we are for Move-In and Orientation! (It's sooner than you think.) See you on campus!