Meet Your Admission Counselors

The first trusted friend you'll find in college, and surely not your last. Your Admissions Counselor is your partner to help you through one of the biggest transition periods of your life. Their number one focus? Get you started off on the right foot, allowing you to hit the ground running as you begin this next stage in your life.

Ashley Peichl

All students with a last name starting with: W

Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

Education: B.S. Social Work and Psychology

Why I love CUW? The people! It is hard not to feel welcomed the second you step on campus from anyone you encounter here. Also, I love the lake! Who wouldn’t like driving up to that beautiful scene on a daily basis?! .

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: A Wisconsin girl who loves her black lab, chili dogs, and documentaries.



Kristin Elvers

All students with a last name starting with: G, H, I, M, N, & O

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Education: B.A. Psychology and Minor in Religion

Why I love CUW? CUW felt like home the moment I stepped onto campus my freshman year and that feeling has never gone away. From the professors I’ve made close relationships with to the families and students I now have the opportunity to work with, CUW has molded me into the person I am today and I love being able to help students in their own journey.

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: My favorite things in life are road trips, cheese curds, and silver linings.



Lauren Hayden

All students with a last name starting with: A, B, X, Y, & Z

Hometown: Janesville, WI

Education: B.S. Relational Communication

Why I love CUW? It’s hard to not feel like you’ve been part of the CUW family forever even if it’s your first time on campus! Everyone is so welcoming it’s obvious they love being here.  Working in Higher Education is so rewarding because you’re helping students find their home away from home. It’s exciting to be a small piece of someone’s life puzzle and I can’t wait to help guide more students and families through this journey! Plus…have you guys seen that lake view?!

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: A homebody girl who thrives on coffee, elephants, a good book, bad reality TV and anything that involves sparkles and glitter!


Luke Erickson

All students with a last name starting with: P, Q, R, U, & V

Hometown: Watertown, CT

Education: B.A. Business

Why I love CUW? Having only been on campus for baseball in the past, I never had the chance to truly experience CUW.  The tight knit community coupled with the lakeside campus have proven to be the perfect blend.  Walking through the halls I would be surprised to pass someone who isn’t eager to say hello and ask how you are doing.  The people make CUW.

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: After moving up and down the east coast, I have made Wisconsin home by fishing all summer, backing the Pack, and spending time with my family.



Mark Mentele

All students with a last name starting with: C, D, E, & F

Hometown: Oshkosh, WI

Education: B.A. History

Why I love CUW? This community strives to create an environment that allows students the opportunity to live a life immersed in education through collaboration. There is little separation between the faculty, staff and students on a daily basis. Everyone on campus is completely invested in making CUW a wonderful place to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Describe yourself in 1 sentence:I am a lifelong traveler who is obsessed with art, music, world cultures, the beauty of nature, and of course…the Green Bay Packers.


Mallory Madson

  • All Transfer Students

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Education: B.A. Psychology and Minor in Religion

Why I love CUW? The instant Concordia community support.  The collaboration between faculty, staff and students to make CUW a well-rounded, supportive learning environment is truly amazing!  The beautiful lake scenery is an added bonus as well!

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: I am a very positive and passionate person, especially when it comes to my family, my faith and my career aspirations.



Sarah Kitterman

All students with a last name starting with: J, K, L, S, & T

Hometown: Slinger, WI

Education:B.A. Business Communication, Minor Psychology; M.S. Student Personnel Administration

Why I love CUW? I love that CUW feels like my second home. The people, friendly atmosphere and the beautiful lake view make me love waking up each morning to come into work!

Describe yourself in 1 sentence: I am a small town family girl who loves to spend time enjoying the outdoors, shopping and being active.