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Darcia Kunkel (11).

Updated 04/19/17

Darcia Kunkel released her debut book, 40-Something and Fried on April 4th. Darcia is a mom of three, wife, author, editor and juggles all kinds of other plates those roles create. Often feeling fried, Darcia writes about the ups and downs of the life of a fortysomething.

Jamie (Piepenbrink) Truwe (02), Greg (03).

Updated 04/11/17

Pastor Greg Truwe ’03 was installed as the Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, Cole Camp, MO on April 2, 2017. He and his wife, Jamie (Piepenbrink) ’02 and their five children recently moved to Cole Camp from Jackson, TN.

Dr. Rosalyn McFarland (08, 11)

Updated 04/05/17

Dr. Rosalyn McFarland opened a new office as an independent practitioner in the Thiensville, WI area. Dr. McFarland believes that the patient is at the center of their care, and deserves quality healthcare. She has been a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for 9 years and a Registered Nurse for 14. She attended Concordia University of Wisconsin in Mequon, WI, and received her Masters, as well as, her Doctorate in Nursing Practice. She is competent in treating a diversified population that includes individuals from various socioeconomic status and cultural backgrounds. She has a certificate of competency as a Clinical Health Coach, and is a Lifestyle coach for the prevention of Diabetes.

Concordia High School ('66), Concordia Jr College ('68)

Updated 04/05/17

Earlier this year, my fourteenth book was released by Concordia Publishing House, entitled From Atheism to Christianity: The Story of C. S. Lewis. The book describes why Lewis became an atheist in 1912 and then describes why and how he returned to the Christian faith over the fifteen years between 1916 and 1931, providing many lessons in how to stand strong in the Christian faith and how to communicate the truth of the Gospel to unbelievers.

Erin Albert ('01)

Updated 04/04/17

Erin Albert along with the former dean of the business school, Dr. Borst, just co-authored and released a book, entitled, The S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring. Dr Borst was Erin’s mentor during her MBA pursuit and ever since, they wanted to collaborate on a book project together. This result is thanks to CUW’s MBA program!

Andrea Mizanskey (15) and William Sias (14)

Updated 03/07/17

Andrea Mizanskey (15) and William Sias (’14) were married on September 3, 2016. Sammi Reiter ('15), Mark Henke ('13) and Andy Parrott ('14) were some CUW alumni in the wedding party. Andrea is currently working as an RN in an ICU and Billy works in management for a retail hockey store. The couple resides in Lockport, IL.

Maxine Blohowiak (‘14) and Kevin Gries (‘12)

Updated 02/15/17

Maxine Blohowiak (‘14) and Kevin Gries (‘12) got married in Green Bay, WI December 30th, 2016.

Lamar Hardwick (00)

Updated 02/01/17

Dr. Lamar Hardwick (2000) released his first book "I am Strong: The Life and Journey of an Autistic Pastor" on January 24th, 2017. After years of struggling with social anxiety and sensory processing issues, Lamar was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, in 2014 at age 36. Dr. Hardwick's book chronicles his life growing up with an undiagnosed developmental disability and how living with autism impacts his faith and his life as a husband, father and a pastor. His book debuted at #3 Hot New Releases in the special needs biographies on Amazon. It was also ranked at #17 of bestsellers in the same category. Dr. Lamar Hardwick is the Lead Pastor of New Community Church located in Lagrange, GA. He is married to CUW alum Isabella (Mchungula) Hardwick (1999).

Adrienne Castree (14') and Bryan Samuel (13')

Updated 01/31/17

Adrienne Castree (14') and Bryan Samuel (13') both graduated from the Master of Occupational therapy program were married on June 25, 2016. Bryan is the son of the Dean of Health Sciences, Linda Samuel. We both work as therapists in IL.

Stephen Paavola (08)

Updated 01/30/17

A beautiful daughter, Gabriella was born to alumnus Stephen Paavola (2008) and wife Natalie in April 2016. Stephen is currently a U.S. Army Captain stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Stephen joined the Army immediately after graduating from CUW in 2008. He was deployed overseas multiple times and lived in numerous states including Hawaii for four years, where he met his wife. In 2015 he received a M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Columbus State University. Stephen's father Is Rev. Dr. Dan Paavola, Professor of Theology at CUW.

Tom Eggebrecht (86)

Updated 01/25/17

The Rev. Tom Eggebrecht recently published his first book entitled, "Fully and Creatively Alive: How to Live a More Joyfully Fulfilling Life." The book centers on God's gift of creativity. Tom interviewed numerous creative entrepreneurs and discovered the things that make them innovative and successful. Each chapter ends with questions that help the reader discover her or his own creative gifts. It's useful for pastors, teachers, or anyone trying to find direction in life or newfound creativity. The book is available at

Emilie Kassa (02)

Updated 01/17/17

Emilie (Vick) Kassa a 2002 graduate and her husband Ben are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Easton Michael. Easton was born on October 18, 2016 in West Allis, WI. Easton enjoys spending time with his Grandma Sandy Vick, the Advancement Database Manager and his Godmother, Jamie (Vick) Wilson, 2005 graduate.

Jennifer Clearwater (96)

Updated 12/07/16

Jennifer Clearwater, a 1996 graduate on November 30, 2016 added "entrepreneur" to her resume, after purchasing Lovino, LLC - the Wisconsin-based company behind the popular Lovino Sangria brand. Jennifer anticipates having the Cabernet Franc based, rich and fruity sangria back in retail circulation by mid-2017.

Robert E. Gutsche Jr. (09)

Updated 12/06/16

Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. (Student Personnel Administration) has co-authored a new book that examines changes in neighborhoods and in public-private developments that are bound to widen an already-great divide between classes and races in South Florida – particularly at a time of massive sea level rise. His new book “News, Neoliberalism, and Miami’s Fragmented Urban Space” argues that neoliberal movements rely on the power of journalistic discourses to authorize and legitimize harmful social acts such as gentrification and state-issued racism and violence.

Adam Smith (94)

Updated 11/08/16

Adam A. Smith 1994 graduate (Pastoral Ministry) was appointed Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising and Student Success at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he is charged with increasing student retention and graduation rates at one of the nation's premier universities.

Tanya Kollross (10)

Updated 11/08/16

Tanya Kollross, a 2010 graduate of the Master's Student Personnel Administration program is currently employed as a Student Success Navigator with Mid-State Technical College. She recently welcomed twin boys - Clay and Cohen on June 23rd, 2016.

Allen C. Piepenbrink (70)

Updated 11/02/16

Al and Shirley Piepenbrink both of whom who graduated in 1970 retired to Jackson, TN in 2012. There they live close to their daughter Jamie (2002), her husband Greg Truwe (2003) and the 5 Truwe grandchildren. Al and Shirley do a lot of volunteering at their church, Concordia Lutheran. Al answered the call in August to become the Mid-South District Education Executive. Since then he and Shirley have visited every school in the district and have held some leadership workshops for the principals and preschool administrators. Al is very blessed to be serving God in this capacity.

Susan Perry (05)

Updated 11/02/16

Susan Perry recently published a book entitled, "From Beneath the Tarp. This is a Story of Abuse and Redemption." During her nursing graduate studies at Concordia, she was encouraged to tell her story and speak about the true possibility of Christ-filled hope for survivors. Through the encouragement of fellow students and professors, she decided to put this story into the written word. She has also been speaking to women's groups, law enforcement agencies, shelters, and teens. She states, "God preserved me so many years ago, and I am committed to continue this work." On October 26, 2016, she was awarded the Wisconsin Governor's Council on Domestic Violence Courage Award for 2016.

Hannah C. Tordoff (16)

Updated 09/12/16

Hannah Tordoff, formerly Lehenbauer had got married to her best friend, Brian Tordoff. They had meet in the Air Force ROTC program at Marquette University. They fell in love through a drive to serve God and country through Christian fellowship, by becoming officers in the Air Force. They are currently stationed within the United States and love every adventure they are experiencing in married life.

Dr. Charlie Shao (96)

Updated 09/08/16

Dr. Charlie Shao, a 1994 graduate has been nominated as a member of the National CyberWatch Center’s Curriculum Standards Panel. The NCC-CS Panel contributes efforts to develop instructional materials, assessments, hands-on labs or other learning programs which align with national competency frameworks. Frameworks such as: National Security Agency Centers of Academic Excellence knowledge units, and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education workforce framework.

Celeste Cuffie (06)

Updated 09/02/16

Celeste Cuffie, a graduate from 2006 graduated with her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in management and communications. She received her MBA in 2012 with a double concentration in finance and business management. Recently she has just published her book titled “The Book of Extra”. This book focuses on striving towards your goals and being motivated. This is her third published book.

William C. Meirink (98)

Updated 09/02/16

One never knows who you might run into these days. It happens to be a small world and Bill Meirink a graduate from 1998 had that experience not too long ago. As he was at the Godfrey Triathlon Post Race Party he ran into an old classmate of his, Kristine Boehlke, a graduate from 1999. They were both at the Mequon Campus as they attended school here. Just of those simple fun times where you never know when you might run into another Concordia graduate.

Elijah Glasenapp (16)

Updated 09/02/16

Elijah Glasenapp a 2016 graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science with a major in marketing and a minor in graphic design. He currently works a music producer out of Milwaukee. Thane the music company blends genres of Jazz, Funk, and R&B to create a unique sound to differentiate themselves from other music producers. Elijah’s role at this company is managing the social media, marketing and occasionally some public relation roles such as: talking with radio stations, blogs, magazines regarding press spots and stories on the company, and talking with other artists and collaborators. Thane’s recent album release is titled “Topia” which features artists such as: Anderson Paak, Mick Jenkins, BJ and The Chicago Kid, TUT, Low Leaf, Kojey Radical as well as many other local talent from Milwaukee musicians and vocalists. His experience at Concordia has benefited him greatly as he is in this role and loves what he is doing.

Kenneth L. Biami Jr. (16)

Updated 09/21/16

Kenneth Biami a recent graduate from 2016 received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management. He two year old child whom he calls a bundle of energy. His next move in his career is preparing for the Wisconsin Juvenile Detention Association Conference in October in the Wisconsin Dells.

William Uffenbeck (09)

Updated 08/22/16

William Uffenbeck, a 2009 graduate has been awarded with the Fellowship Designation. He has successfully completed the required examinations by the Casualty Actuarial Society. Currently, William works as an Actuary at Zurich North America in Schaumburg, Illinois focusing on workers compensation pricing.

Dr. Robert Gutsche Jr. (08)

Updated 08/10/16

Robert Gutsche Jr. an SPA graduate recently has co-edited a book that pertains to the visual signs and symbols of life. The book focuses on face, gender, and control in recent events of violence and resistance throughout the United States. Gutsche among being an editor for a book also is an assistant professor at the University of Miami teaching communication, architecture, and the arts.

Reverend Walter J. Vosicka (68)

Updated 08/08/16

Reverend Walter and his wife Christine are the owners of WoggWorks Kayaking. They are a full service kayak outfitter/ educator, and river guides in Omaha, Nebraska. This upcoming winter they will be offering adaptive paddling indoors. Their business is growing quite rapidly as they are enjoying partial retirement. Walter is still preaching at a small church in Carter Lake, Iowa.

Rev. Todd Liefer (07)

Updated 06/01/16

Rev. Todd Liefer has recently been installed as Associate Pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church in Austin, TX. He will be primarily serving with Bethany's newly launched Acts 242 worship service.

Rev. Bruce Linderman (70)

Updated 05/25/16

Bruce and his wife Lois recently went to Hawaii to celebrate 45 years of marriage. Bruce met his wife in High School - she attended Milwaukee Lutheran High School. He also celebrated his 40th year in the Holy Ministry this year. God has blessed them with 4 children; 11 grandchildren; pastoring in Minnesota, Wyoming, Iowa, and Montana. Bruce graduated from Concordia High School in 1968 and Concordia Junior College in 1970, Ft Wayne Senior College in 1972 and the St. Louis Seminary in 1976. Bruce and his wife retired in 2012 and now serve vacancies around Montana.

Scott Piepenburg (84)

Updated 05/17/16

Scott Piepenburg recently published his 6th book, entitled Digitizing Audiovisual and Nonprint materials through Libraries Unlimited.

Peter Kurowski (72)

Updated 05/17/16

Peter Kurowski released this year his ninth and tenth books. “Pets In Paradise” and “The God Who Showed Up” reveal the coherent cosmic comfort Jesus brings.

Miranda (Steinbrecher) Gazza (14)

Updated 05/03/16

Miranda married Andrew Gazza on July 11th, 2015 in their hometown of Iron Mountain, MI. Miranda is an Occupational Therapist at Aurora St. Luke's medical center and Andrew works at Charter Steel. The couple resides in Fredonia, WI.

Christopher Biesboer (15)

Updated 04/28/16

Christopher was the recipient of the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells Award, given to individuals who have received the highest scores in the nation on the Certified Public Accountant Exam. He was among only 75 individuals who qualified for the award out of the nearly 94,000 nationwide who sat for the CPA Exam in 2015. He was one of four recipients who attended a Wisconsin university. Biesboer now works at the Chicago-based audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG.

Gabrielle (Burns) Jacobs (15)

Updated 04/22/16

In 2015 Gabrielle graduated with her masters (MBA) and got married to the love of her life, Kurt Jacobs.

Dr. Matt Paluchniak (12 & 15) and Samantha (Anacker) Paluchniak (12 & 13)

Updated 04/22/16

Samantha and Matt got married on October 17, 2015. Matt graduated in May 2015 with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is employed at PT Plus in Milwaukee. Samantha graduated in December 2013 with her Master's in Occupational Therapy and works at St. Luke's Medical Center.

Lynn Frederick (75)

Updated 02/05/16

Lynn retired from aerospace engineering in 2003 and is now earning yet another degree. She is a Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her credits from Concordia, Palm Beach University and Georgia Tech transferred, so she is in the unusual position of being a senior at UK, but a freshman in the School of Art and Visual Studies. All she needs to do is complete the art courses. At the age of 71, she is still having a blast!

Chris Jossart (02)

Updated 02/05/16

Chris is a proud 2002 graduate, and just published his second book, “Growing People: How green landscapes and garden spaces can change lives”, now being sold at Barnes and Noble (to find out more about the book go to Chris has also been working for the past 14 years at Fox Valley Technical College in PR.

Kelsey (Worrel) Metzger (15) and Gabriel Metzger (13)

Updated 02/05/16

Gabriel and Kelsey Metzger were married on July 11, 2015 in Fort Wayne, IN. Kelsey is a 2015 graduate, while Gabriel graduated in 2013. They currently reside in Grafton, WI. Other CUW alumni in the wedding were: Claire Utech ('15), Emily Grabow ('15), Miriam (Stock) Hoerner ('15), Danelle Riederer ('12), Dan Riederer ('02/'12), Aaron Hauser ('13), Casey Kegley ('13), Craig Reiter ('13), Noah Kegley ('14), Evan Beuscher ('14), and Austin Wellhousen ('15).

Chris Irish (04) and Bethany (Hoeppener) Irish (05)

Updated 01/12/16

Bethany is currently a busy stay-at-home mom of 4! She used to teach middle school English for 6 years at Divine Redeemer Lutheran School in Hartland, WI, but now she feels blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom to Caylie (6), Brady (4), Cade (3), Brenna (8 months). Chris is currently teaching Biology and Honors Biology as well as the wrestling coach at Lake Country Lutheran High School in Hartland, WI.

Elliot Derricks (10)

Updated 01/04/16

Elliot Derricks and Serena Derricks (2010 Concordia Portland Grad) announce the birth of Lydia Mae Derricks on March 12, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. She was baptized at International Lutheran Church, Seoul on Easter Sunday, April 5. Sponsors included Ethan Derricks (2015 CUW Grad).

Rachal (Hansen) Schlise (15)

Updated 01/04/16

On June 5, 2015 Rachel married Mitchell Schlise, a current member of the United States Air Force since 2012.

Rev. Dr. Jamison Hardy (96)

Updated 12/09/15

The Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy of Finleyville, Pa., was elected — on the second ballot — to his first term as president of the nongeographical LCMS English District at the district’s 55th convention, June 17-20 at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hardy, 42, has served as pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, McMurray, Pa., since 2008, and was a vice-president for the district’s Eastern Region since 2009. He succeeds the Rev. Dr. David P. Stechholz.

Ryne Valentin (’12) and Rachel (Riddle) Valentin (’11)

Updated 12/01/15

Ryne and Rachel were recently blessed with their first child. They welcomed Harper Amelia Pamela Valentin, into their family on November 23rd, 2015 at 1:51pm. She was 6lbs 9oz and 19 inches long.

Dr. Robert Gutsche, Jr. ('08)

Updated 10/26/15

Robert Gutsche, Jr., (SPA, '08) has published a new book, Media Control: News as an Institution of Power and Social Control (Bloomsbury), which examines the role of media in recent cases involving race and police shootings as well as government and corporate surveillance of citizens. Read more about the book here.

Stephanie (Arnot) Neugebauer ('12)

Updated 10/14/15

Stephanie was recently installed as the Director of Life and Health Ministry for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in St. Louis, MO on October 5, 2015.

Justin Frisque (‘13) and Brittany (Hundertmark) Frisque (’10 & ‘15)

Updated 9/22/15

Justin and Brittany were recently married on August 15, 2015. Brittany is an alum of CUW with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (’10) and she recently just finished her Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner in Family Practice (’15). Justin is currently in his 5th year working at CUW in the CELT Department.

Thad Phillips (1999)

Updated 9/11/15

Thad and his wife Tiffany were recently blessed with their first child. They welcomed Trae Maximus Phillips, 7lbs 3oz and 21inches, into their family on September 3rd, 2015.

Julia Devaill (1974)

Updated 9/9/15

Julia just had a 10 year work anniversary with the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. She is a Technical Assistant and also QA cases that come into the Bureau to ensure that any Federal funding that is due to the State of Wisconsin when a child is placed in Foster Care is properly administrated. In November, she will celebrate her 22nd wedding anniversary. She is truly grateful for the 2 years that she spent at Concordia. She says it was life changing and she wouldn't be the person she is today if not for that time.

Erik Hollander (2011)

Updated 9/9/15

Erik recently accepted a full-time Concordia faculty position with the School of Business Administration to be an Assistant Professor of Business and Director of Strategic Growth and Business Development.

Rev. King Schoenfeld (1961)

Updated 8/24/15

Rev. King Schoenfeld is now retired with his wife Dee in St. Louis, MO. He is heading up the Call Committee at Historic Trinity (Walther’s Church) and traveling as much as possible, reuniting with classmates often. Now released from the darkroom by digital, he still enjoys photography. Rev. Schoenfeld and Dee have two sons, Jeremy, who is an architect, is living in Seattle and Jeff, who is an ESL teacher, is living in South Korea.

Lynn Pockat (2012)

Updated 8/24/15

Lynn just moved back to Wisconsin from Florida and is pursuing her MBA online. She is currently working for LHI in La Crosse as a Medical Services Coordinator.

Michael & Megan (Unbehaun) Braden (2013)

Updated 8/24/15

Michael Braden ('13) married Megan Unbehaun ('13) on May 2, 2015 in Richland Center, WI. Both attended CUW's School of Nursing and are now Registered Nurses. Michael currently works in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Froedtert Hospital. Megan works with ProHealth Care in their Cancer Center. They also recently bought a new house in Waukesha, WI.

Morgan DeBlieck & Rev. Jared DeBlieck (2010)

Updated 8/24/15

Morgan and Jared recently were blessed with their first child, Lillian Eleis DeBlieck on April 14, 2015. She was 9lbs. 3oz. and 20” long.

Micah (Owens) McCormick (2012)

Updated 8/24/15

Micah married Brien McCormick on December 21, 2014, at St. Peter’s Lutheran church in Columbus, Indiana. They were happily joined by family and friends. The couple honeymooned at Disney World. Micah is currently in her fifth year teaching at White Creek Lutheran.

Dr. Benjamin Plass (2015)

Updated 8/24/15

Benjamin graduated in May 2015 with his degree in Pharmacy. He is now working as a staff pharmacist at Jernegan’s Health Mart Pharmacy in New London, WI a small community pharmacy.

Kristin (Rowe) Thimmig (2007)

Updated 8/24/15

On June 20th, 2015 Kristin married the love of her life Ryan Thimmig. The happy couple is living in Port Washington and Kristin is working at Froedtert Hospital as an RN.

Brittany (Remiker) Perkins (2011)

Updated 8/24/15

Brittany has been working for ThedaCare in Shawano, WI as a Physical Therapist since July 2011. On May 16, 2015 Brittany married Jaimie Perkins in Green Bay, WI at Heritage Hill. Jaimie works for Micoley & Co. Real Estate in Green Bay, WI.

Deanna Rusch (2008, 2015)

Updated 7/28/15

Deanna is a recent graduate of CUW as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She recently started a new job as a Family Nurse Practitioner with Aurora Advanced in Neurology.

Matthew Hogfeldt (2002)

Updated 7/28/15

Matthew and his wife, Elizabeth, announce the birth of their fourth child, Eloise Alice. She was born July 7, 2015 and joins brother Jackson (9), and sisters Julianna (6) and Penelope (1).

Ron Greisch (2000)

Updated 7/28/15

Madison Centare, the Midwests leading provider of software development, agile coaching & training, and technology consulting, is pleased to announce the addition of Ron Greisch, (MBA, International Business, '00), as Director of Client Solutions. Greisch comes to Centares Madison branch with nearly two decades of experience in sales management, new business development, consulting and strategic planning.

Centares motto is all about improving lives, says Greisch. As Director of Client Solutions, my goal is to partner with our customers and find ways to build software better and faster. We want to increase client success and value, and help them evolve.

A life-long soccer player from elementary school on up to leagues such as the Sun Prairie Soccer Club, Greisch has hung up the cleats and his coaching role for the time being to focus on watching his six children at play three 13 year olds, 11, 10, and 6. In addition to soccer, they are active in track and field, volleyball, drama club, swimming, basketball and football.

It is divide and conquer with our kids, Greisch quips.

Rev. Chris Matthis (2002)

Updated 7/28/15

Chris and his wife Lisa welcomed their second son, Michael Lee Matthis, into their family on June 15, 2015. Michael joins an older brother, Benjamin. The Matthis praise God and give thanks for his wonderful gift!

Jennifer (Frederickson) Jim (2004)

Updated 7/28/15

On June 18, 2014 Jennifer married Hugo Jim in Maui, HI. They were joined by family and friends for a week of island fun in Hawaii. They now both live in Portland, OR and Jennifer is working as a Licensed MH Couselor.

Jessica Stange (2010) and James Fischer (2010)

Updated 7/11/15

Jessica Stange ('10) married James Fischer ('10) on July 11, 2015 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Grafton, WI. James, the son of Andrea and Robert Fischer, works as a Lutheran School teacher at St. Paul. Jessica, the daughter of Dan and Teresa Stange, has her Masters degree in clinical psychology and is working to obtain her doctorate in child clinical psychology; she is currently working as an in-home therapist for children with autism.

Nichole (Beaver) Pereez (2002)

Updated 6/30/15

Nichole has recently answered a call to serve as Principal at Central Lutheran School in Newhall, IA. She started in her new position July 1st.

Joshua S . and Virginia L (Garrett) Vanderhyde

Updated 5/28/15

Announce the birth of their son, Simeon David Vanderhyde, born on March 16, 2015. They will be moving to New Braunfels, Texas in August where Josh will be a vicar at Cross Lutheran Church.

Kristin L. (Priem) Kluge (2010)

Updated 5/7/15

Kristin and Jeff Kluge were married on October 4th, 2014 in Madison Wisconsin. Kristin is a 2010 graduate of CUW and currently teaches 7th and 8th grade Spanish in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Jeff is a 2010 graduate of Marquette University and works as a pipeline safety engineer for the state of Wisconsin. Jeff and Kristin currently reside in Madison. Other CUW alumni in the wedding were Elyse Johnson (Racklyeft) and Kayla Rosin (Racklyeft).

James W. Baker (2003)

Updated 5/7/15

Jim Baker and wife Amber would like to announce the birth of their 3rd child, Lincoln James. Big sisters Eleanor and Josephine are very proud!

Marshal R. (2011) & Kolyssa T. (VonDeylen )(2012)Frisque

Updated 5/7/15

Felicity Dawn Frisque born to Marshal and Kolyssa Frisque, sister to Cadence Pearl Frisque. Born April 14th, 2015 at 8:27am at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Weight: 7lbs. 15oz. Height: 19 3/4" Both baby and mom are doing great! We give thanks to God for a healthy, safe delivery!

Jenny Clemens (95)

Updated 4/30/15

Lutheran Special School & Education Services Resource Room teacher, Jenny Clemens, was awarded the Educator Mentor Award on April 12th by the Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Jenny is a LSSES resource room teacher at St. Johns Lutheran Church, Glendale.

Laura Baker (2000)

Updated 4/30/15

Laura Jeseritz married Bradley Baker on June 28, 2014 in Key West, Florida. A small group of guests attended the beach-side wedding as well as the couples two children. The brides mother, Norma, was her matron of honor, and the grooms father, David, was the best man. The couple honeymooned in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They both reside in Watertown, Wisconsin, where Laura is a teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Alvina Federwitz (68)

Updated 4/30/15

Alvina celebrated her 40th anniversary of working in Liberia; West Africa on Valentine's Day 2014. Alvina and her late husband, Rev. Dale Federwitz ('65 &'67) have served with Lutheran Bible Translators since 1973. All four of her children, left to right, Jonathan, Becca, David and Paul and their families also work with LBT. Alvina plans to relocate in the States in September 2015 and continue work with LBT.

Michael Spoke (2012)

Updated 4/30/15

Graduate June 13th from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA) with a Masters of Divinity. Immediately following that, I will be shipped off to FT Jackson, SC for Chaplain School with the U.S. Navy.

Becky Matson (2002)

Updated 4/30/15

Becky is currently teaching 1st Grade at Grace Lutheran School in Sandy, Utah. She moved there in July of 2014 and enjoys hiking the mountains around the area.

Rev. Arthur Baisch (61) Evelyn J Netz Baisch (67)

Updated 4/30/15

Rev. Art Baisch and wife, Evelyn, pastor of Faith Lutheran (LCMS), Fairfield Bay, AR, will be serving as "Pastor-in-residence" at Wittenberg English Ministry in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany, from Sept. 8 - 22, 2015. Pastor Baisch will lead worship services in English on Wed., Thurs., Friday & Saturday at the Wittenberg Stadtkirche St. Marien, where Dr. Martin Luther preached over 2000 times. These services are for visitors, tourists, and local Wittenberg residents desiring to worship where Dr. Martin Luther worshipped, and also to improve their knowledge of English. He will also take part in a Thursday evening English "Stammtisch", open to any and all who wish to take part, and be available for "pastoral services" as needed. Pastor & Evelyn will leave for Germany on / about Sept 1, and return home on / about Oct. 1. In the time preceding and following their service in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the Baisches will seek to visit other Luther sites at the Wartburg, Eisleben, Eisenach, Augsburg, and such, as well as visiting friends in the Goettingen and Hannover areas, seen on prior visits in 1972 & 2006. They also hope for a visit to Poland to see the city of Pastor Baisch's birth, Tomaszow - Mazowiezki, near Warsaw. They are serving at the invitation of Wittenberg English Ministry, Fairfax, VA.

Christopher Canapa (2001)

Updated 4/30/15

I will soon complete my third year of coursework for the DM degree at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music. I recently wrapped a recording of 17th-century Italian music in New Brunswick this past February (to be released by ATMA Classique this fall), was a featured artist for a production of Monteverdi's Vespers at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in November 2014, and look forward to future performances at the Smithsonian (May) and Boston Early Music Festival (June).

Peter Jundt (85) Heidi Hagedorn Jundt (87)

Updated 4/30/15

Peter and Heidi will be traveling to China in May to adopt 2 children. Emma (11) and Joshua (12) grew up in an orphanage in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China with Lucas (11) whom the Jundts adopted in 2011. Anyone who would like to learn more about their journey, is encouraged to visit their webpage at:

The Jundts are inviting the CUW family to join them in their journey. Prayer, both now and in the future will be invaluable and much appreciated. Anyone with a desire to assist monetarily can contribute a tax deductible donation or participate in other fund raising events on their web page.

JohnRae Stowers (2003)

Updated 4/30/15

I have recently been promoted. I am now the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Educational Services at Marquette University.

Karen L Hardecopf (2003)

Updated 4/23/15

Karen joined the LCMS Health Ministries Team serving as the Parish Nursing Program Coordinator. She was pleased to serve alongside Dr. Marcia Schnorr, Parish Nursing Education Corrdinator who has been the sole coordinator for over 25 years. In this position she was privileged to connect with district parish nurse representatives to support and encourage parish nursing ministries within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Lindsay Arnot (2007)

Updated 4/7/15

Lindsay (Arnot) Smith (Class of 2007) and her husband Stephen Smith announce the birth of their first daughter, Eliana Terry Lynn Smith born on March 16, 2015.

Roger C Laesch (1954)

Updated 4/7/15

Roger Laesch was selected to receive LEAs Distinguished Retired Lutheran Educator EncourAGING award. He was selected by the leadership team of LEAs Retired Lutheran Educators Network, known as EncourAGEnet. Roger lives in Wauwatosa, Wis. Roger earned a B.S. in education from Concordia University, Chicago, River Forest, Ill., and an M.S. in education and supervision from the University of Wisconsin. Previous honors include LEA and U.S. Department of Education National Distinguished Principal awards, as and Concordia University, Wisconsins Christo et Ecclesiae Award, as well as inclusion into their Athletic Hall of Fame.

Julie Normann (2009)

Updated 4/2/15

Julie Normann (2009) married Jason Carbon on October 24, 2014 at St Andrews Church in Verona, WI. Both are police officers serving in Madison suburbs. Other CUW alumni who were part of the wedding party included Amanda DeGarmo (2009) and Cathy Vandoske (2009).

Susanne Fenske (2004)

Updated 3/31/15

Susanne Fenske, Ph.D., has accepted the position of vice president of student affairs for Clarion University. She is currently the director of student development for Waukesha County Technical College, and will begin July 6th at Clarion. Fenske was choosen after a very competitive national search. Fenske is also the creator and chair of a behavioral intervention team that helps students discover who they are and what they want to become. Fenske and her husband, Ron, have two daughters, ages 7 and 5, and a dog, Bennie.

Bashir Easter ('12)

Updated 2/24/15

Thanks to a generous grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, the Milwaukee County Department on Aging (MCDA) is embarking on a new venture to become a dementia capable organization. Milwaukee County now has one of 16 dementia care specialists that serve 26 counties in Wisconsin. Through the leadership and carefully planned collaborations of the new dementia care specialist (DCS), Bashir Easter, M.B A., B.S., department staff will be trained and a major community awareness and education campaign will be implemented across the county. Bashirs own mother was diagnosed 11 years ago with early onset dementia. When we learned about the supportive resources available and were educated on the issue, it truly helped to make sense of some things and ease the burden of caregiving.

Sam Seefeld ('09) and Hannah (Nimmer) Seefeld ('11)

Updated 2/24/15

Heres the relevant info: Hannah Nimmer (B.A. 11) married Sam Seefeld (M.S. 09) on September 19, 2014 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sheboygan, WI. Hannah is finishing her M.S. in Community Counseling at UWM and Sam is finishing his Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Hannah is an outpatient mental health intern at Lutheran Counseling and Family Services and Sam works in academic support here at CUW. The couple resides in Cedarburg.

Mark N. Schmidt ('09)

Updated 2/24/15

My wife Pamela and I would like to announce the birth of our first child Amelia Marie. Amelia was born on 12/24/14 at 12:24 am. Thanks, Mark Schmidt.

Margaret Fischbach ('87)

Updated 2/24/15

The American Cancer Society, the nations largest voluntary health organization, has announced Milwaukee resident Margaret A. Fischbach, has been selected to its Wisconsin Leadership Board. In this role, she will join 21 other volunteer leaders in advancing the Societys lifesaving mission in Wisconsin.

Dr. James Pingel ('92)

Updated 2/24/15

Hello Blessed Alma Mater! I just wanted to let you know I recently published a book. Im very thankful to God for the opportunity. The book is available at and Thank you so much for the opportunity! God bless, Dr. James Pingel, Ph.D.

Tiffany (Riek) Beinemann ('11)

Updated 2/24/15

Married Michael Beinemann on May 17, 2014

Jacqueline (Britton) Rabb ('12)

Updated 11/30/14

Jackie accepted her first call to be a Lutheran teacher and began teaching at Trinity Lutheran in San Angelo, Texas, in August of 2013. She met her husband, John Rabb, while at Trinity, and the were married on July 5, 2014. John and Jackie are currently expecting their first child! Jackie says, "It has been an exciting couple years and it is cool to see God's plans at work!"

Janell (Grage) Cox ('87)

Updated 11/23/14

Janell was honored as LCMS Pacific Southwest District Early Childhood Educator of the year.

Casey (Miller) DeGroot ('02)

Updated 11/20/14

Casey married Adam DeGroot on July 12, 2014, at Camp LuWiSoMo in Wild Rose, WI, with Pastor Monte Haun of First Immanuel, Cedarburg, officiating. Other CUW alumni who were part of the ceremony were Jessi (Crego) Smedal ('01), Luke Hatfield ('03), and Courtney Kohn ('98). The couple moved to Roseburg, Oregon, after getting married.

Rebecca Peterson ('08)

Updated 11/14/14

Becky has been named an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). She earned the designation by completing seven examinations that are administered by the CAS, as well as the CAS Course on Professionalism. She is a Staff Actuary at Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Company.

Timothy Parsch (68)

Updated 11/12/14

Timothy is celebrating 40 years as a pastor. He had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis, accompanied by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York.

Mark Arnholt (00)

Updated 11/11/14

Mark has been named an Outstanding Science Teacher by the University of Minnesota, an honor bestowed upon just six teachers from the United States. Teachers are nominated for the award by freshman students at the University. Mark teaches at Hartford Union High School in Wisconsin.

Brian (08) and Megan (Blohm, 07) Buczek

Updated 10/29/14

Brian and Megan welcomed a new addition, Wesley Noah, into the family on May 2, 2014. He weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He joins big brother, Peyton.

Michael Oldenburg (97)

Updated 10/21/14

Michael received a national award making him one of the countrys 2014 National Distinguished Principals. He is the principal of Divine Redeemer Lutheran School in Hartland, WI.

Andrew Tomashewsky (99)

Updated 10/21/14

Andrew is the principal of Faith Lutheran School in Bay City, and has been selected by the Van Lunen Center for Executive Management in Christian Schools at Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan) for a 2014-2015 fellowship. The Van Lunen Centers purpose is to provide executive management education for senior leaders of schools based on the historic Christian faith.