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Sound Systems

For on campus events which require a sound system, we have several portable units that can be reserved. For this type of request we ask that you contact us well in advance so we can determine the size of the system and what accessories are required.


We also have dubbing systems to transfer audio and video to most media types such as: DVD, CD, and cassette. Mass duplications of DVD and CD, up to 50, are possible with our systems. We are also able to transfer VHS tapes to DVD, provided there is no copyright infringement.
We have a small selection of blank media available for purchase. Blank CD-R and DVD-R are available for $2.50. MiniDVD are available for $3.50 and MiniDV tapes for $5.00.

Video Conferencing

We also provide help with all your video conferencing needs. We can install the required software, and help with set up and scheduling.