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Editor: Emily Marciniak

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Timothy Macafee

Latest Articles

CUW Saudi Club

Concordia University Wisconsin has everything that the students need or want. Student Clubs as Saudi club is one of the important organizations for students, especially Saudis international... [Read More]

Concordia Hosts Mayoral Forum

On March 9, Concordia University Wisconsin hosted a debate between the two Mequon mayoral candidates, Dan Abenroth and Aaron Armstrong. Abenroth, the incumbent, is a former firefighter and retired... [Read More]

Concordia University Advisors

Concordia University Wisconsin provide services for all students, including academic advising, but some students have had issues with this process. Director of Academic Advising Sara Depies... [Read More]

The Republicans of Concordia

The Republicans of Concordia University-Wisconsin work to provide a venue for students to develop their knowledge and interest in conservative ideas and policies. Student and Vice President of... [Read More]

Return of International Mission Trip

Despite several successful years of mission trips to Juarez, Mexico, in 2011 the CMLT spring break mission teams halted these trips as result of potentially dangerous conditions. After a hiatus of... [Read More]