Sometimes things happen and you need to change your plans. We wish you all the best and hope your future is a bright and successful one.

Withdrawing from CUW before you’ve ever attended classes

If you are a first time new student to Concordia University Wisconsin and are unable to enroll prior to the first day of classes, please contact the Admission Office at 262-243-4300.

Withdrawing from CUW after classes have begun or you are a current student

If you begin classes at CUW and need to withdraw entirely from the university, all courses, housing, etc. you will need to:

  • Contact the Academic Advising Office to obtain the official withdraw procedure

The Office is located in Stuenkel 103, or call 262-243-4499 to obtain more information.

Withdrawing from Individual Courses

If you need to withdraw from one or more courses but remain above full time status (12 credit hours) you may work with your Academic Advisor and the Registrar's Office to complete this process.

  • Complete an Add/Drop Form through the Office of the Registrar
  • If a withdrawal is not made through the Office of the Registrar, a failing grade will be recorded for the affected course(s)
  • Withdrawals may be made without penalty within the first half of a term (please see the current Academic Catalog for current dates)
Any questions about withdrawing from the university may be directed to the Academic Advising Office at 262-243-4499