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CUW & Others Praised For Environmental Efforts
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Students Select Low-flow Showerheads
In a survey conducted in six shower rooms in residence halls, students expressed a preference for a showerhead with a flow of 1.25 gallons per minute. This model was the lowest flow head of the four tested.

Maintenance Department will now begin replacing the many 2.5 gpm heads on campus with the news ones, effectively cutting in half the water used for showers by the time all 300+ heads are replaced.

Then student - now graduate - Matt Gnirk originated the study in Spring 2010 as a member of the Energy/Water/Land Use Committee. Students Christine Schotte and Andrew Maurer collaborated with Environmental Sustainability Office in completing the survey in September 2010.

"Together With All Creatures" has been released recently. With this report The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod presents a biblical and confessional report on responsible Christian stewardship of the environment.

Part One of the report deals with the question, "Where Do We Fit Within Creation?" In it, Chapter One asks, "Are We Separated from Nature or Connected to Nature?" and Chapter 2 responds, "Creatures Called to Care for Our Fellow Creatures."

Part Two asks, "How Do We Live Within Creation?" concluding that we should delight in our fellow creatures and care for them.

"Together With All Creatures: Caring for God's Living Earth" was produced by the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the LCMS. It can be accessed online. It contains 125 pages and includes over 500 endnotes.

The 30-page condensed report.