Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction, or SI, is an academic assistance program that uses peer-assisted study sessions to help students through challenging programs like Nursing, Biology, Math, Chemistry, and Accounting.

SI sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions where students compare notes, discuss readings, get organized, and predict test items. Students work together to integrate course content and study skills.

Please visit the LRC (Luther 200) to pick up a schedule of dates, locations and times, and to find out if any of your courses currently have an SI option available.

How can SI Help?

SI helps students:

  • Better understand course material
  • Focus on coursework during structured study times
  • Learn study strategies that can be used in any course 

Who should attend SI?

SI targets difficult courses, not struggling students. SI welcomes students of varying ability levels.

Is SI Attendance Required?

SI attendance is voluntary.

  • Hour-long sessions are offered 2 - 3 times a week
  • You can come to as many or as few sessions as you want
  • Students who need additional help beyond SI can attend the SI Leader’s weekly office hours
  • Students from previous semesters recommend making SI a habit - like it’s a required part of the course 

What are the Benefits of Attending SI?

  • Insider information! SI sessions are led by upper-class and graduate students who have successfully completed the course with the same professor.
  • Students earn higher course grades and withdraw less often than non-SI participants.
  • Make efficient use of your study time.
  • Get information on note-taking, anticipating test questions, vocabulary development, and memory aids not normally found in other study/review sessions. 
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