Undergraduate Research

Welcome to Undergraduate Research at Concordia University!

Concordia University believes that faculty enrich their teaching by remaining active in research and by mentoring undergraduate students in their research initiatives. Likewise, students who participate in undergraduate research are more successful in their studies and achieve a greater level of professional advancement.

According to the Council of Undergraduate Research, undergraduate research is “[a]n inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.”

Concordia University’s Undergraduate Research Program promotes a culture of research and scholarship throughout the University by assisting students and faculty in acquiring, conducting, and presenting research at the undergraduate level. Undergraduate research supports and fosters student scholarship and creative activities, and provides a student-centered learning environment. Undergraduate research supports faculty by expanding their research potential and enhancing mentoring skills.

According to a survey conducted at CUW in Fall, 2016:

  • 56% of faculty report working with, mentoring, or otherwise coordinating the efforts of students engaged in undergraduate research.
  • 80% of faculty reported that they thought UGR activities would increase in the next academic year.
  • 80% of faculty when asked if they anticipated that the number of UGR students would increase or decrease in future academic years reported that the number was anticipated to increase.
  • There are five (5) major categories of recruitment used.These include; Faculty member selects and offers (27%), Word of Mouth (27%), Senior Seminar (27%), Course Syllabus (12%), and Request from Student (6%).


Learn more about the Council on Undergraduate Research

Concordia University has an enhanced membership with the Council on Undergraduate Research. Concordia faculty and staff can create a username and password on the CUR website to access valuable information and resources related to undergraduate research.

Concordia University has signed up for access to GrantForward which is open to all members of our institution. GrantForward is a funding opportunity database and recommendation service that allows users to easily find grant opportunities.

GrantForward recommends grants to users based on their CV, past publications, and research interests. You can create an account using your CUW/CUAA email address and password.

GrantForward can be accessed through the Concordia portal and clicking on the “Faculty” or “Resources” tab.

Please watch the following training videos to learn how to use GrantForward: Coming Soon!

Julie Dresen, Director

Dan McCollum, Assistant Director