The Arts and Sciences Lecture Series celebrates the 80th anniversary of the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, by exploring different aspects of L. Frank Baum’s original book by the same title. Dr. Amy Blair, professor of literature at Marquette University will lead the discussion.

Her talk will include:

  • The story’s genesis in Baum’s visits to the 1893 Exposition in Chicago
  • His work in the theater and as a specialist in window dressing in department stores
  • A look into the book’s reception and impact on children’s and American literature

Students, staff, alumni, and community members are all invited to enjoy this free event.

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Amy L. Blair is an associate professor of English at Marquette University and is co-editor, with James Machor, of the journal Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History, the official journal of the Reception Study Society. Dr. Blair's 2012 book Reading Up: Middle-Class Readers and the Culture of Success in the Early Twentieth-Century United States, was published by Temple University Press under the auspices of the Andrew Mellon Foundation-funded American Literatures Initiative. Reading Up investigates, through the lens of a reading advice column that ran for the decade between 1902 and 1912 in the Ladies' Home Journal magazine, the way readerly desires for social, cultural, and financial capital affected readers' reception of the canonical works of American literary realism and the less-celebrated, genteel literary bestselling fiction of the day.

Dr. Blair's work in progress, Tasting and Testing Books, studies Emily Newell Blair’s reading advice in Good Housekeeping magazine during the 1920s and 1930s in the frame of the magazine’s“money-back guarantee” mindset. Dr. Blair has also been named volume editor for The Gods Arrive in The Complete Works of Edith Wharton, to be published by Oxford University Press.