Lead Now!

TED-style talks about leadership and innovation in education

Five of Concordia University’s top leaders on Friday, April 8, discussed emerging topics in education, entrepreneurship and innovation at a free learning event titled Lead Now!

If you missed it, the recording is below.

Each of the dynamic speakers are members of Concordia’s leadership team, and are also recognized scholars, authors, speakers and thought leaders in their specific areas of expertise.


The presentations are TED-style talks that are 18 minutes in length and include personal stories and relevant information that leaders in all vocations can infuse into their own professional lives.

Introducing the topics and speakers for “Lead Now!” at Concordia University:

  • The Entrepreneurial Leader” - Dr. Dan Sem, University Dean (School of Business Administration), Concordia University
  • Speak Up! The Art & Style of Emerging Leadership” - Gretchen Jameson, Sr. Vice President for Strategy and University Affairs, Concordia University
  • Leaders Need Followers” - Dr. Michael Uden, University Dean (School of Education), Concordia University
  • Leading Out of the Box” - Dr. Bernard Bull, Assistant Vice President of Academics for Continuing and Distance Education, Concordia University
  • Leadership that Goes the Distance” Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, Ph.D., President, Concordia University

Lead Now! was the capstone event of the National Administrators Conference hosted by the Lutheran Education Association (LEA). The all-day conference welcomed education administrators and counselors from across the country to address emerging issues in education.