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Connect to your live Zoom class

We suggest one of the following three options to connect to your Zoom class:

  • Follow the weblink your instructor provided
  • Join in with the Instructor’s Personal Meeting ID through the Zoom app
  • Connect with a non-smart phone

Using audio and video in Zoom

In Zoom, connect with audio and video. Mute your audio as soon as you connect. This video explains the Zoom audio and video settings.

If you are using computer audio and you can’t hear, check your audio levels on the computer. If you don’t see your device’s speaker level, use the “Exit Full Screen” button or the “Escape” key to see and adjust your controls on your computer.

If you need to move away from the computer or device momentarily,  stop your video and then restart it when you are again ready to participate.

Meeting controls

Look at the controls at the upper right of your Zoom panel. You can choose between Speaker View and Gallery View. Along the bottom you will see “Participants” “Chat” and “Share Screen.” These are meeting features you can use.

  • Participant area

    Click on the Participant area and you can see your name and click on “raise hand” and then “lower hand.” Check with your instructor to learn if you should unmute yourself to ask a question or speak in a class discussion or if you should use “raise hand.”

  • Chat area

    In the “Chat” area, notice you can send a message to everyone or to your instructor privately. Find out if your instructor is using this as a way to communicate with him or her during the class or not (there might be too much going on to monitor the chat for a large group).

  • Attendance

    Your instructor will ask you to enter your name in the chat near the beginning of class to document your presence for attendance, and also near the end of class. You should be using your video so the instructor can see you as well as hear you, and you can participate fully.

  • Presentations

    If you are making a presentation, your instructor may ask you to “Share Screen.” You can share your computer screen with a PowerPoint presentation or a document. The instructor will need to stop sharing his or her screen to allow you to share your screen. When you complete your presentation, click the “Stop Share” button.

Continue to communicate

Send your instructor an e-mail if you had any technology problems joining class. Use the "Get Help" resources before the next session to be sure you are set up correctly.

Make sure to:

  • Communicate with your instructor if you are ill or unable to participate for any other reason.
  • Follow up with your instructor if you have questions about assignments or next Zoom meetings.
  • Follow through on assignments and submit them as requested by your instructor.
  • Enjoy your opportunity to meet with your fellow learners in this new way!