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Review your equipment, connection, and learning environment

  • We recommend a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone.
    • If you do not have a laptop available, a tablet or phone can be used. If using a tablet or phone, you will need to download the Zoom app to your device​:
  • Choose a dedicated learning spot. Your environment matters, so find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on the online material.
  • Check your internet connection in advance; use a wired connection when possible. Make sure your Wi-Fi speed is suitable. Switching from Wi-Fi to a wired ethernet connection may improve your internet speed.

Access Concordia’s Zoom account

Connect to the Concordia Zoom account on your computer or device. First download the Zoom app, and then connect it to the Concordia Zoom account. This allows your instructors to know it is you for attendance purposes.


Watch Instructional Video

If you already have the Zoom app on a device, connect it to the Concordia Zoom account by “signing in” and using your Concordia credentials.

Test your equipment with Zoom

To make sure that your computer/device, speakers, microphones, and other A/V equipment work properly with Zoom, visit This site allows you to test your speakers, microphone, and camera at any time without having to join a formal meeting or actually call anyone.

You can also place a test call into our IT Zoom Helpdesk. Visit: (NOTE: This Zoom room is live 24-7. If you login after hours, please note there will not be anyone there.)

Concordia IT Zoom Room

Familiarize yourself with Zoom

Zoom offers an array of really helpful, brief video How-Tos. Review those at

Watch In-Depth Walkthrough Video

Utilize the ARC

The Academic Resource Center will continue tutoring and accommodation services. To schedule a tutoring session or adjust accommodations, please contact the ARC on your campus.

Look for your Instructor’s Information about alternate delivery

Look in your Concordia e-mail for information from instructors about how your learning for a particular course will be continued.

Go to the Blackboard site for your course. Look for information on the Content page and in the Announcements area for information from your instructor about how your learning for that course will be continued.  If learning activities through Blackboard are planned, like recorded lectures and discussion forums, your instructor will add them to the Content page.

Look at the top of the Content page of your Blackboard course for the Zoom link to connect with your class during the regularly scheduled times. It might say “Dr. Smith’s Zoom Classroom Link.”