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Set-up your environment

  • Lighting and comfort

    Organize your selected learning area and ensure it is well lit, incorporating natural light if possible. It’s important for your space to be not only comfortable, but also efficient, so make sure your body positioning and posture are correct.

  • Reduce distractions

    Clear away what you will not be using for your learning. Set your phone to airplane mode or turn it off so it doesn’t interrupt your learning time. Anticipate interruptions by informing roommates or friends you are in class.

  • Simplify background

    Remember that your instructor and fellow learners will see what is behind you when you turn on your camera. If there is a way to simplify what is behind you, that will improve others’ experience.

  • Gather your things

    Set up your supplies, ensuring you have all course materials accessible: books, notes, documents, and software. Have access to your notes from any homework you have completed so you are prepared for class discussion.

  • Use headphones

    Use headphones, if available, for listening to lectures online (especially important in shared spaces) and connecting with fellow students in live class sessions.

  • Dress appropriately

    Ensure you are dressed appropriately, as your camera should be enabled.

Set-up your equipment

Review the "Plan" instructions here, to be sure you are connected to the Concordia Zoom Account, so the instructor can tell it is you.

  • Close unnecessary applications

    As you get ready to for live virtual instruction, close out unnecessary applications and web browser tabs; ensure all other devices are off and/or not leveraging bandwidth.

  • Plug in

    Ensure your device is properly charged. If you can plug into an outlet, you will be sure you remain connected throughout.

  • Final test

    Test your device’s webcam and audio settings, one more time.