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Important information regarding the Christmas break

November 23, 2020

Information about the daily symptom tracker, health services, and safe behaviors during break.

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Dear Concordia Students,

Welcome to Week 14! Although this semester has presented some great challenges, through everyone’s hard work and dedication we have reached the week of Thanksgiving. For some, this week may be the last in-person experience of the semester, while others will return to campus next week for the last week of classes.

This email provides important information regarding the Christmas break.

Daily Symptom Tracker:

  • If you remain on campus, continue to complete the tracker every day and be ready to present your Green Dot in classes, campus offices, and food service locations.
  • When you go home and are no longer coming to campus until next semester, you may suspend daily completion of the tracker. Please restart completion of the tracker seven days before you return.
  • You will continue to receive reminders, and frankly, you may become annoyed with them! The system doesn’t allow us to shut off those reminders for a brief duration. We encourage you to please take the opportunity with every reminder to pause and pray for those affected by COVID, including those you know personally.

Student Health Center Services:

  • During the Christmas Break, the Student Health Center will have reduced hours and its services will be for those students who remain on campus. Students who are home or off campus during the break should seek necessary medical care, including COVID testing and treatment, from their local, personal healthcare providers.

Student Behavior at Home and in the Community:

  • COVID infection rates are critically high across much of the country and particularly in the upper Midwest.
  • We advise all students to continue to practice COVID Conscious behavior over the break. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Minimize group interactions. The choices we make impact the health and well-being of our families and friends, and our local communities.
  • As with your return this past August, 14-days prior to your planned return after the Christmas break, we ask that you be particularly vigilant about minimizing exposure and practicing COVID safe behaviors. We have truly been blessed to remain face-to-face for this semester. We can do this again in the spring, but it will take the dedicated, willing choices of us all to do so safely.

Thank you all again for your dedication to Concordia. Although we have had to change many of the things we normally do, we have had an amazing semester.

Be well. Be healthy. Be safe. We are Concordia: “Hearts Together.”

Steven P. Taylor, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Life

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