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Updates to Daily Symptoms Tracker

April 30, 2021

Changes to the tracker including adding your vaccination date

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Dear Concordians,

Over the past two days there have been some changes to our daily symptom tracker.  There have been several questions and concerns about these changes that need to be addressed.

New question regarding vaccination

A new question has been added regarding whether or not a person has been fully vaccinated.  This is a completely optional question. The tracker now allows a response of “I choose not to disclose.”  The university is not mandating COVID vaccines nor is it requiring disclosure of such on the daily tracker.

Changed expectations for those who are fully vaccinated and report such on the tracker

For those who have reported full vaccination, you will not be required to complete the symptom tracker again until at least January of 2022 (subject to change based upon CDC recommendation).  You should stop getting reminders (early next week) to complete the tracker; however, we are dealing with a few glitches, so if you do get a reminder, please ignore it.

Dot color changes

There have not been any changes to the expectations of asking to see/showing your DOT to get into offices, cafeteria, classes etc.  Persons who have answered that they are fully vaccinated, will have a DOT that will now be green.  DOTS will be the same color for both completion of symptom tracker (negative) and from acknowledgement of vaccination. Please continue to show your green DOT.

Thank you again for your dedication to keeping our community safe, in-person, and thriving.   


Steve Taylor, EdD
Vice President of Student Life
Assistant Professor
Division of Student Life