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Your decisions are keeping the community safe, thank you

October 21, 2020

Because you are acting responsibly you are keeping our residential community safe.

Dear Resident Students,

If you follow the news, you’ll see that COVID numbers continue to rise across the country and in our state. I just want to take the time to pause and thank you for your diligence in keeping our residential community safe. I know you are making personal decisions to reduce risk of exposure and I thank you for that.

So how do I know you’re doing this? Our data points to this evidence. Our CUW website lists the current total active cases. That number includes residential and commuting students, staff, and faculty. I’ve been working with the number of residential students all semester. Our numbers there have ranged from 1-10 active cases at any given time. Even more importantly, the number of students in quarantine on campus has not exceeded 50. This means you’re reducing behavior that puts you in “close contact” with others.

Your choices are keeping our halls open and I can’t thank you enough for that. Because you are acting responsibly, your peers have been able to attend class, participate in a clinical rotation, obtain an internship, compete in intermurals, attend Haven, and hang out with Zoey.

Over the semester, we have grown in our support and resources for those in quarantine and isolation. We offer food delivery, trash removal, Evelyn’s Place Bluetooth technology, board games and puzzles. If you have had experience in quarantine/isolation on campus, I welcome your feedback. Please share any ideas you have that would bring comfort during this time. You can submit ideas to me via email at or stop by my office (AL107, across from the bookstore).

With a grateful heart,
Beckie Kruse
Director of Residence Life

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