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Drawing upon Reflection A Full Life

Concordia University Art Gallery proudly presents a collection of drawings by the esteemed artists Polly Ewens-Caster and Tom Noffsinger

The drawings of Polly Ewens-Caster are all inspired by natural forms. Birds, fish, mammals, plant forms, weather phenomena, and much more are interpreted and explored in abstract manners. The newest work returns to color which give Polly’s visual imaginings vibrant life.

Tom Noffsinger’s work has been exhibted throughout the Midwest, most recently in “The Art of Assemblage: Objects of Inspiration” at the Rahr-West Art Museum in Manitowoc Wisconsin. The work focuses on mixed materials and found objects transformed to another life.

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Exhibition Dates

January 29 - March 29

Gallery Dates & Hours

Monday - Thursday 4pm - 8pm
Friday & Sunday 12pm - 4pm
Closed Saturday

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Dr. Theresa Anne Kenney
Art Gallery Director
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