Symphonic Wind Ensemble


Director: Dr. Louis Menchaca
Phone: 262.243.4235

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Under the leadership of its current music director, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble is one of the leading collegiate instrumental groups of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The ensemble in nationally and internationally acclaimed and has drawn accolades and invitations from many Lutheran churches, schools and universities across thirty-six of our United States, including Hawaii, and England. Using a vast repertoire of sacred and classical music, the group engages audiences and congregations alike in both concert and worship settings. In doing so, the repertoire includes masterworks by some of the leading classical and sacred composers in the music field. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble has headlined a radio show in metro Milwaukee called “Music from Concordia” which sought to bring our music to a greater audience. Additional opportunities have included local television and cable programming.

Every year the group embarks on a ten-day Winter Concert Tour, performing formal and youth concerts, clinics and assisting our system churches with worship services. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble has recorded four compact discs, “Alleluia Laudamus Te”, “Triumphant Lamb”, “The Light Eternal” and “The Divine Comedy”.

Membership in The Symphonic Wind Ensemble is by audition as well as leadership aptitude. A demanding year-round rehearsal and concert schedule attracts members who are responsible, mature and talented. Students in the group are drawn from a cross-section of the fifty academic majors offered at CUW. Including music education majors, more than half of the group is also comprised of future church work students who wish to serve the Lutheran Church in capacities as teachers, pastors and layministers.