Reformation 500 Presentation March 28 & 29 will feature Dr. Erik Herrmann

Dr. Erik Herrmann
Dr. Erik Herrmann

The spring Reformation 500 presentation, part of an ongoing lecture series leading up to a week-long celebration this October of the infamous nailing of 95 theses by Martin Luther to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany, will feature Dr. Erik Herrmann.

Dr. Herrmann’s talk, “Being Religious: Martin Luther’s Reform of Christian Life and Devotion,” will be held in the School of Pharmacy at 7 pm March 28, with an encore presentation the following day at noon.  Dr. Herrmann is director of the center for reformation research at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, where he also serves as an associate professor of historical theology.

A 1995 Concordia University Wisconsin graduate, Dr. Herrmann’s primary research focuses on Martin Luther and the Reformation period, along with the history of American Lutheranism.
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