Association of Lutheran College Faculties Conference Meeting 2016

Liberal Arts Education, Professional Training, and Lutheran Vocation

September 30th & October 1st, 2016

Mequon, Wisconsin

As members of the larger academic community, Lutheran colleges and universities face the same challenges as many institutions of higher education in balancing the competing demands of providing both a well-rounded education and job-specific skills. Yet, Lutheran institutions share a distinct mission in considering these questions in light of the Lutheran doctrine of vocation—that each person is called to live and perform many roles in life. At this year’s ALCF conference, we will explore how the many things we teach, profess, and practice contribute to living full lives in the church and in society. Conference participants are encouraged to consider these questions and those posed by the themes below.

Conference Themes

What are the goals of a distinctly Lutheran undergraduate liberal arts core curriculum? How do we meet the needs of students with diverse professional goals? How do we address concerns that move beyond employment skill to prepare students for a meaningful life that includes faith, service, and citizenship?

As colleges and universities incorporate increasing numbers of focused professional programs in business, engineering, healthcare, and education, how do we make vocation a guiding principle? In what ways can these professional programs and the traditional liberal arts model of Lutheran education work together to positive effect?

Christians face ongoing challenges in a complex and often fractured world. How does our distinct Lutheran identity shape the way we help our students engage and understand the world beyond our campuses and classrooms? How does our vocation as academics shape the inquiry and ethics that drive our scholarly activities?