African American Male Initiative (AAMI)

A Crisis in Education

Young men of color are one of the most vulnerable subgroups in academic achievement. There is a serious lack of presence from these students in gifted and advanced placement courses. They are more likely to be suspended or expelled than any other subgroup. With these contributing factors, African American males are more likely to struggle academically than their classmates.

The African American Male Initiative

The Closing the Achievement Gap Consortium (CAGC) created a summer program to address this issue. Young men of color, who have been recommended by their schools, stay on Concordia’s campus and take classes designed to prepare them for college. Even after their stay ends, AAMI continues to offer accountability and support to the young men during the regular school year.

Through AAMI, students:

  • Develop relationships with local Milwaukee role models
  • Learn effective academic and organizational strategies
  • Cultivate positive social-emotional and interpersonal skills
  • Participate in AAMI school teams that continue throughout the school year
  • Experience life on a University campus


  • Incoming 9th or 10th grade African American male student
  • Recommended by school principal or counseling staff
  • Committed to attending quarterly “boost” sessions throughout the school year with the entire cohort
  • Willingness to accept refinement and reinforcement of the program goals
  • Aspiration/Potential to attend a 4-year college or university after high school graduation

For more information about AAMI, contact Dr. Elliott Moeser, Executive Director, at or 262.243.4213.