We welcome Lisa Moser to our 2016 Literacy Festival. As a talented and creative author, Lisa will share her books and help us celebrate the amazing contributions of children’s books to the learning and overall development (social, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) of the young child. Lisa is the author of nine books for children - six picture books and three beginning readers.

She has been writing for close to 20 years, was a fifth grade teacher in Ohio, and now loves to do author visits and getting back into the classroom to work with children on reading and writing. Lisa’s enthusiasm and love for helping children create stories with memorable characters and adventures make her school visits very popular!

Lisa lives in Grafton, WI with her husband and daughter. She grew up in Fairfield, Iowa in a family of readers! As a child, one of her favorite pastimes was to visit the library and spend lots of time reading.

When: August 5th, 2016

Where: Concordia (directions)

Cost: $90

Includes: workshops, breakfast, ice cream, and lunch!

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#1 Literacy Development: BOOK IT!!

Lisa Moser

Enjoy a “booktalk” with Lisa as she explains in more detail how her books support the development of language and literacy Hear how we can inspire children to write, draw and read their own original stories. Have fun sharing and discovering more ways to create and imagine amazing stories. (all ages)

#2 How to do an Artist Study with Preschoolers

Emily Allor, 4K teacher at Zion-Concord, Bensenville, IL.

Emily explains how she sets up an artist study (once per week) with her young students! Yes, we are talking about the Masters! Van Gogh, Michelangelo, George Seurat, Picasso, O’ Keefe, Warhol and more...The children also display their creations based on the artist studied each week in the classroom art gallery. Emily will also share samples! Don’t miss this one! (ages pre-k - primary)

#3 The Play Institute: Play + Quality Children’s Books = SPECS Dev.

Amy Lindgren, Director of Early Childhood Undergraduate Programs

We know that both play and quality children’s literature support child development. This workshop explores the importance of respecting how play experiences can influence a child’s book/literacy experiences - and vice versa! Most books used in this workshop will be available for purchase at our festival book vendor’s booth. (all ages)

#4 “Building, and Books, and Blocks, Oh my..”

Niki Rodgers, Adjunct Early Childhood Professor at CUW

Enjoy this imaginative teacher in an interactive, hands-on ‘construction’ workshop. Find out how building blocks and constructing masterpieces out of other interesting materials create ownership and involvement as children communicate and plan together. Be ready to participate and be creative! (ages pre-k - primary)

#5 The Nature Center at Christ the Life!

Scott Boris, Director of the Christ the Life Preschool and Nature Center

Scott is back with more pictures and news about the Christ the Life Nature Center in Waukesha. After an update on the wildlife and new activities in the center, Scott will also explain how to plan visits or field trips to the Nature Center. (ages 2-8)

#6 Promoting Positive Literacy Experiences using S.A.C.K.S.

Kirsten Byers

Meet the creator of this innovative, hands-on, family literacy program. Parents (and teachers too!) will appreciate the effective ways to support literacy development using quality children’s books( from many genres), meaningfully linked to games, activities, songs and movement activities. This program meets the needs of all children and is specially designed to include children at-risk due to many issues in their lives. What is S.A.C.K.S.? Find out more! (all ages)

#7 Religion Roundtables


Participate in this interesting discussion about effective strategies to teach the faith. There will be 3 leaders/moderators, one at each of the 3 roundtables. Each roundtable will focus on the faith development at one of the three age groups listed below. Bring your questions and share your challenges. Materials and strategies will be shared by the leaders and moderator. During this session you will choose 1 roundtable discussion:
A: ages 2-3, B: ages 4-5, C: ages 6-8 (please select one).

#8 Engaging Children in Amazing Read Alouds

Eve Bruce, Media Specialist at Woodside Elementary

Enjoy exciting read-alouds and discover strategies to make your “read-alouds” come alive and create more participation and discussion. Identify a variety of books that contribute to an effective read aloud. (ages 3-8)

#9 The Play Institute presents: “Imagine That”

Prof. Jennifer Becker, Director, Early Childhood Graduate Program at CUW

Play cannot exist without the interaction of imagination and creativity. In this dynamic workshop you will consider the roles of imagination and creativity in play, learning and life! Find out why teachers need to be able to recognize and nurture “creative flow” across the early childhood curriculum. (all ages)

#10 Bookmaking Workshop

Graduate Students (our creative bookmakers)

During this session you will choose two books to make while working with the creator of each book.

The books represent 3 age ranges:

  • Book A: (ages 2-4) A colorful, sturdy, textured flip book (two topics)
  • Book B: (ages 4-6) A book that emerges from the playful exploration of a variety of art media, paper, and topics (based on “We’re going on a Bear Hunt“)
  • Book C: (ages 5-8) A colorful ring-bound book featuring animal babies and their “daddies” (based on scientific facts about the nurturing care of some male animals and their young)

All materials, instructions and learning concepts included. If you choose this workshop, remember to list your choice.

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