Preferred Educational Partnerships

Through our Preferred Educational Partnerships, Concordia University Wisconsin can help assess the unique educational needs of your district, school, or organization, and provide optimal professional development solutions. Our educational team will work with you to understand your needs and goals, in order to deliver programs customized to your needs. Multiple options exist: site-based face to face cohort programs, on campus delivery, online options, blended programs, or a customized PD program.

As a Preferred Educational Partner, you will receive:

  • Tuition Reduction: Optimize partnership benefits with our tuition reduction a 24% tuition discount when teachers join a cohort leading to a license or master's degree.
  • Needs Assessment: Rely upon us to work with you and your organization to identify and reevaluate educational needs and provide support services.
  • Relevant Programs: Meet Educational objectives and enhance faculty expertise with highly respected, fully accredited programs in a wide range of licensure programs and technology options.
  • Flexible Delivery: We can provide expert instructors and consultants, or we can draw on Master teachers from your resources.

Steven Witt, Ph.D.

Director of Preferred Educational Partnerships