PEP Talk Newsletter - December 2016

Need for Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator Licensure

The Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator Licensure Program reflects the current need for trained educators in the field of Gifted and Talented Education. As teachers, we need to encourage and promote excellence for all students, including the advanced ones. While differentiated instruction is a valuable tool in addressing the academic needs of gifted students, research tells us that it is only effective when teachers are well trained and capable of modifying curriculum. This vital expertise requires high-quality professional development. The Gifted and Talented Licensure Program addresses the unique learning demands of gifted learners and their social and emotional needs.

The Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator Licensure Program is an accelerated graduate program for licensed educators who wish to be certified to teach gifted and talented students in the developmental level(s) for which they are currently licensed. Successful completion of this program results in eligibility for the Gifted Education Teacher license (1013) or, with an additional course, the Gifted Education Program Coordinator license (5013). The program is offered as a self-paced, on-line program or as a face-to-face collaborative cohort meeting one evening each week. Both options follow a prescribed series of courses. Depending on the desired licensure, students will take 12-15 graduate credits over a period of 8-10 months.

For more information about the Gifted and Talented License program, which will begin Spring of 2017 at CUW, please contact Patty Ormston at

Program Spotlight: Superintendent License/Education Specialist Program

The Graduate School of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin is continuously looking for ways to better serve our students and the community as a whole. One of the most recent forays into improved services is the advent of the new Superintendent License/Specialist Certificate program. The first Concordia Superintendent License cohort started in September, 2016. All instructors in the program have earned doctorates and have successful experience in school administration. The Superintendent License program is a 12-14 month sequence of courses that is comprised of 21 graduate credits. Courses in the program are primarily taught online in an eight week format. Credits earned in the Superintendent License/Specialist Certificate will count towards doctoral work at Concordia University Wisconsin.

The application period for the Superintendent License program is presently open. Students in the program may wait until the start of a new cohort or may start the program with the next class (Organizational and Policy Development), which begins in January, 2017. The new cohort will begin in March, 2017.

For questions about the Superintendent License Program, contact Program Director, Dr. Elliott Moeser at or 262.243.4213.

Instructional Coaching

Whether on the sidelines at an athletic event, in a consulting role working with executives, or in schools, coaches exist to help others reach their potential, achieve goals and experience the joys of success. Schools are employing an increasing amount of instructional coaches because research has demonstrated that effective professional development for teachers must be job-embedded, continuous, and relevant—all components that coaching embodies.

To be an effective instructional coach takes a unique blend of skills and talents, along with a supportive and confident demeanor. Instructional coaches wear many hats. Depending on the goals of the school or district, coaches may engage in the following roles:

  • Support teachers in the classroom by modeling, observing, or co-teaching
  • Lead teachers through data-analysis process
  • Champion efforts to implement a new curriculum
  • Mentor new teachers
  • Engage teacher and leaders in meaningful reflection and conversation focused on goals and student outcomes
  • Create opportunities for teachers to learn together
  • Collaborate with others to work towards systematic changes
  • Plan instruction with groups of teachers
  • Connect teachers to resources they need
  • Collaborate and problem-solve with administrators
  • Listen and respond to the ideas of others

Instructional coaching allows the opportunity for teachers to be reflective practitioners, integrate new teaching practices in a supportive environment, and learn alongside their colleagues—and in turn, students reap the benefits of learning from a highly-qualified teacher.

If instructional coaching sounds like the right fit for your school or district, come and learn with us and our new Instructional Coaching Certificate. Contact Kristen Braatz at for more information.

EDGP-What is it? How can I get one?!

Did you know that Concordia University Wisconsin offers EDGP Credit? What is an EDGP credit you ask? EDGP (Graduate Professional Development) is credit that educators can earn while doing professional development. It is at greatly reduced rate ($141.25/credit!) and can be used toward WI DPI license renewal!

Currently, CUW offers online options of these professional development credits. These courses can be taken at any time, and are each available for 1-3 EDGP credits. A list of online options can be found at:

Or, if your school is doing professional development, why not let CUW work with you to offer credit options for what your school/district staff will be doing? We can work with you to develop a course, syllabus, and instructor. It’s a great way to have customized, affordable, meaningful credit options.

If you’d like to learn more about EDGP’s, or how CUW could work with you to develop district and school-specific EDGP options, please contact Dr. Steven Witt at or 262.243.4253.

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  • 11th: Graduate Education Webinar 4:30 & 6:30 PM
  • 17th -19th: State School Board Convention, Milwaukee
  • 25th: Educational Administration Webinar 4:30 & 6:30 PM: What do School Boards Look for in Administrators? Featuring School Board members!

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