Psychology Club

The psychology club at CUW gives you a chance to get involved in campus life, practice leadership roles, work as a team and learn about this diverse and interesting field.

Who Can Join?

  • Psychology majors and minors
  • Students interested in the field of psychology
  • Students who want to help others

What Does the Club Do?

The psychology club and its members:

  • Partner with campus ministry endeavors
  • Participate in campus-wide activities like “Faces of Depression”
  • Work with Zoey, CUW’s comfort dog
  • Host student support events to help psychology majors and minors succeed and prepare for graduation
  • Meet and share food while talking about current topics in the psychology field
  • Interact with the community by visiting and volunteering at mental health agencies

What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • It’s a great way to get involved on campus and meet students with similar interests
  • It’s easy to join and looks great on a résumé!
  • The club is represented in CUW’s Student Government Association
  • Leadership positions include president, vice president, treasurer and secretary

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rachel F. Pickett

Who to Contact: The psychology club, email:

Find us on Facebook:

Peer Advising Program

Peer advisors are student psychology majors who have been invited by psychology faculty to help other students in the program.

What do Peer Advisors Do?

  • Help psychology majors and minors select and register for classes
  • Offer peer support and tips on how to manage the demands of being a successful college student

To learn more about becoming a peer advisor – or to find out how to connect with one – contact the psychology club or advising services.