Camp Sessions

The Summer STEAM Camp is an exciting and hands-on learning opportunity for young people with a special emphasis on the STEAM curriculum areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). The camp sessions were created by content specialists to be both fun and full of learning.

Rocket’s Red Glare

Oh, say can you see...the rocket’s red glare? If you like exploding colors, lights, and sound, come to this camp and explore the science of rockets and fireworks. Investigate and launch rockets powered by Mentos, acids/bases, water, and air. Design, test, and optimize your own formula for rocket fuel. Explore how fireworks are made and make some of your own from water, oil, milk, food coloring, etc. and yes, maybe even a bit of real fire. Finally, create your own choreographed show complete with exciting sound effects, colorful fireworks, and red glaring rockets.

Camp Creation

Do you like creating things? If yes, then come to Camp Creation and let your creativity abound. Explore your own ideas for making a sculpture that produces light. Design structures and landscapes that offer protection from natural disasters. Investigate the sun’s energy by creating a light/heat/solar power detection system. Engineer a fun gadget using the special features of fish and/or birds. Discover the gifts God has specially given you to explore His creation and use them to do some creating yourself!

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Camp Locations

Immanuel Lutheran School

East Dundee, IL 5 S. Van Buren Street

June 6 - 10

  • Rocket’s Red Glare (1pm – 4pm)

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School

Hartland, WI, 31385 Hill Road

June 13 - 17

  • Rocket’s Red Glare (1pm – 4pm)

Pilgrim Lutheran School

Wauwatosa, WI, 6717 W. Center Street

June 13 - 17

  • Rocket’s Red Glare (9am – 12pm)

Redeemer Lutheran School

Verona, PA , 700 Idaho Avenue

To register for this camp location only, please visit the school website or call the school at 412-793-5884.

July 18 – 22

  • Camp Creation (8:30 am –4:00 pm)
  • Rocket’s Red Glare (8:30 am – 4:00 pm)

St. John’s Lutheran Church

North Prairie, WI 312 N. Main Street

June 20 – 24

  • Camp Creation (1pm - 4pm)

St. Peter Lutheran School

Schaumburg, IL 202 E. Schaumburg Road

June 27 – July 1

  • Rocket’s Red Glare (9am – 12pm)

St. John Nottingham Lutheran School

Cleveland, OH, 1027 East 176th Street

July 11 - 15

  • Camp Creation (9am – 12pm)

Concordia University Wisconsin

Mequon, WI 12800 N. Lake Shore Drive.

July 18 – 22

  • Camp Creation (9am - 12pm)
  • Rocket’s Red Glare (1pm – 4pm)

Scholarships Available

  • WI – for students entering Grades 6 – 8 in Fall 2016 and qualifying for free or reduced lunch
  • OH – for all students qualifying for free or reduced lunch

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