Actuarial Science

Do you have a head for business and a passion for numbers? CUW's Actuarial Science degree helps you bring the two together to predict and manage risk in industries from insurance to investment banking.

Why Study Actuarial Science at CUW?

CUW's program offers you:

  • Small class sizes and personal attention from professors
  • A strong liberal arts foundation with a Christian emphasis
  • Preparation for the Society of Actuaries Exam FM (Financial Mathematics)
  • A bachelor's degree and master's degree in four years through our Business Scholar's program

Program Overview

Concordia's Actuarial Science major encompasses a three-part curriculum that includes a liberal arts core, a business common body-of-knowledge, and a specialization in Actuarial Science.

What You'll Learn in the Actuarial Science Program

In our program you'll study:

  • Basic investing strategies for selecting and managing financial assets
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and derivatives
  • Risk modeling, management and prevention
  • Liability, property, life, and health insurance
  • Probability and statistics including sampling methods, data interpretation and hypothesis testing
  • The fundamentals of corporate finance

Career Choices

Actuarial Science skills are transferable to any industry that requires risk modeling and management, including:

  • Insurance
  • Consulting
  • Banking and investments
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Environmental science


CUW's Actuarial Science graduates are prepared to sit for the Society of Actuaries Exam FM (Financial Mathematics).

Complementary Majors/Minors

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Math


Actuarial Science majors complete CUW's core liberal arts curriculum as well as coursework in statistics, investing, corporate law and finance, principles of insurance, and probability theory. See our course catalog for the full curriculum.

High School Prep Courses

  • AP math
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Computer science


Tim Scheppa
Program Director